VGA Cables £1 at Poundland

VGA Cables £1 at Poundland

Found 13th Sep 2013
Just picked up the HP Microserver today, to discover that any VGA cables are long gone - fortunately remembered Poundland had these a while back and still do. Assuming it's national.

Poundland quality, even the pins are hollow rolled metal, but should suffice for setup etc.

1.2 m in length.

£19.99 in PC world....
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wow, a pound you say

do they sell any other products for a pound?

sorry but loads of people are posting so called offers that are not. These cables were a pound a year ago, today and will still be a pound next year.
I'm voting hot because you ain't getting these cables cheaper, and so what if they were a pound last year, i need one and the poster has directed me to One that is dirt cheap. Shame I need a 5 meter One though.
Seen VGA cables at 99p store too, but it's one of those things that's luck if they actually have them in.

handy to have, if you want to share your laptop display on the TV (most of which have VGA ports these days, and DON'T supply a cable)
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