Viaaqua Ar620 90 Litre Aquarium [£84.95 @ Seapets]

Viaaqua Ar620 90 Litre Aquarium [£84.95 @ Seapets]

Found 7th Oct 2009
Absolute bargain for a 90 litre tank! Perfect for a marine setup...

Rounded corner glass aquarium kit, available in a variety of colours. ViaAqua's use of state of the art technology provide's a seamless viewing area in every aquarium. All aquariums are made with the highest quality glass to ensure durability and clarity. The lighting and filtration incorporate the best electrical components and technology available to date.
Designed for fresh and salt water aquariums.
Dimensions - Height inc hood 52 x Width 39 x Length 62cm
Contains approximately 90 litres (21gallons)
Aquarium and cabinet are sold and priced separately.
Available from June

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Available June???? Last or next?
Good price :thumbsup:

Anyone know of anywhere you can buy fish online? haha

My pet shops stocky shabby supplies..i want something different..goldfish wise lol:-D
You might want to ring seapets to place the order, absolute **** communcation when I ordered my Biube from them. Pay for express delivery, should have within 2 days, 11 days later it arrives!
Im only a few miles from cardiff - i usually buy from pughes garden center...but recent ones aint lasted very long and stick to just the very basic of gold fish!

Cheers dude! il check that out! :thumbsup:
Decent price although a little small for a marine set up imo....
Right, so it's not just us with the "fishtank of death"! Although we bought a nice tank, Admiral Ackbar died yesterday for no apparent reason. One of many over the last 6 months or so, bought from Pets at Home and a local aquarium.

Don't get me started on the "Hamster Cage from Hell"!
Never buy from Pets at Home. Just walking round you can see the dead fish :-(

Never buy from Pets at Home. Just walking round you can see the dead fish … Never buy from Pets at Home. Just walking round you can see the dead fish :-(

Is that the staff you're talking about?
One thing to remember is the bigger the tank, the easier keeping fish is. 90 litres is something I wouldn't consider suitable for entrusting fish to a beginner

So you're saying 90 litres is too small? :?

Smaller than I would use for a decent community tank. The bigger the body of water, the more stable it is. Imputities are diluted, temperature fluctuations are less. The greater the surface area the greater the oxygen exchange
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