Vicar of Dibley Immaculate Collection - only £15.42!!!

Vicar of Dibley Immaculate Collection - only £15.42!!!

Found 1st Jul 2006
This is an excellent price for the full DVD collection of the Vicar of Dibley. Cheapest elsewhere is £36!!! Get it quick though! The collection itself is only £13.97, if you wanted to add something small to your basket and make it up to £15, you would be eligible for free super saver delivery.

It contains all the episodes EVER of the really funny show wher: "A boisterous female minister comes to serve in an eccentricly conservative small town's church".

I love this show!
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Great price. Although the picture displays it as 5 disks but the description only says 1?
Good point Davemichael. Although it wouldn't be like them at all, I think amazon may be wrong in their description. All other sites list this as 5 discs.
Brilliant spot emmajk42!


Placed an order for one, it's already showing a 1 or 2 week wait .... I hope they don't cancel the order!
They've gone back up to £34.99, hopefully they will deliver my order, I have a confirmation E-Mail, so, hopefully.

Thanks again emmajk42.

Thanks for the update Z10! Shame it's gone back up so soon. I've clicked "expired" on the deal for now. for you...!
£15.99 at now! Also in stock and despatched within 24 hours.

Thanks for that Bristoldeal - another good price!!! Play have a fast delivery service as well!
Mine just arrived and its the full 5 disk set, fantastic :-D Thank you :thumbsup:
Glad you're happy! Hope you enjoy it.

Make sure you watch all the alice/geraldine jokes at the very end of each episode. They're hilarious. Especially - "What's brown and sticky?"

- "What's brown and sticky?"

Obviously not a stick because they can be green or yellow and they're not sticky now are they? Well not unless some sap has run down onto them...... THWAP!!!!
£15.99p delivered from Play.Com [although temp out of stock right now]...
Posted a few posts above Ray! But worth a reminder...
Hehe Thanks Emma :roll:

Vicar of Dibley is one of my favourite comedies, I'll probably get the box set some day...

bought one of these on Tesco deal last week works perfectly same as the other original slim I have, installed a new hard drive easily. (used a hard drive I had lying around from a broken laptop)
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