Vicks humidifier £24.99 @ Amazon

Vicks humidifier £24.99 @ Amazon

Found 2nd Feb 2017
I was looking for a humidifier and came across this one as it says it has washable filter. I used another brand before and changing filters became expensive. So thought to give it a try for the price. It was £35 yesterday on Amazon and it's still £40 at Argos.
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Really good price I bought mine for £40 last year. Cheapest I have seen

Really good price I bought mine for £40 last year. Cheapest I have seen

Are you happy with your purchase? It's got mixed reviews but can't go wrong for £25 I thought. It was £15 for a filter only for the previous one I had ! So £25 with washable filter should be ok.
Great price, heat added
I have this humidifier, works really well with my little one when she has a stuffy nose. I don't think that it has a washable filter though, looking over the amazon listing it doesn't indicate it either? It does however have a slot for vicks scent pads which are about £7 for 7.
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I have one can put decongestant liquid on top part of unit which helps too. Bargain for £25

Just remember to clean regularly.... plenty of cleaning tips on YouTube for this model
second the comment that this has no filter as far as I am aware. Also use it for the little one when bunged up..helps a lot. 2 tips:
- keep the room well ventilated as even a big room will have a lot of condensation form on the inside of the windows and parts of the ceiling.
- if you live in even the slightest of hard water area, the heating element will get loads of limescale buildup over use. I've cleaned ours as best i could using bicarb+vinegar/descaler, but it is still coated in browny coloured scale
This is brilliant price, I got mine from argos for about £45 about 18mths ago. It has been great for my little boy when hes full of cold/coughing and helped us all get a good nights sleep! It is worth every penny of the £45 i spent!
Does get some limescale build up, i usually bleach mine and scrub it with a scourer. Dont think theres a filter that im aware of.
Theres menthol pads u can buy but they only last 8 hrs. I just drop some olbas oil onto one of the used pads each night and then chuck it away after a few days. Tbh u dont really need them though
Only went by the description on Argos website which said it has washable filter. For the price should do the job I hope.
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