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Victorinox 11 cm Swiss Classic Serrated Edge Tomato/Utility Knife in Blister Pack, Set of 2, Black £7.49 @ Amazon

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About this deal

About this itemSharp serrated blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 11cm blade length
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Manufactured in Switzerland

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About Victorinox

At Victorinox we’re all about exceptional products that are designed to be reliable, clever companions on your everyday adventures at home and out in the world. Since our inception back in 1897, when Karl Elsener developed the ‘Original Army Knife,’ we’ve grown into a globally trusted brand offering functionality, innovation, iconic design and uncompromising quality standards. We bring our design and engineering expertise to create products that help you travel with ease, work smart, feel confident and handle whatever life throws at you.

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  1. Avatar
    Might have to wait to try it on tomatoes lol
    good luck getting any.
  2. Avatar
    As an aside, these make great steak knives!!!
    Use mine for exactly that!
  3. Avatar
    You don't have to mention the B word
    Meanwhile Uncle Farage is in the states eating Texan BBQ while his voters are paying 6£/kg for tomatoes
  4. Avatar
    Fantastic knives. Bought recently for £10 and still happy at that price. Cut through meat and veggies with ease. Careful not to slice a little bit of finger like me. So sharp it wasn't actually painful until later!
  5. Avatar
    Now where to find tomatoes…….
  6. Avatar
    These knives go through bread better than a bread knife. They are so sharp though you do have to be careful
  7. Avatar
    thanks alot for posting
  8. Avatar
    Great knives at a great price!
  9. Avatar
    Excellent knives esp for the price.
  10. Avatar
    If only I had a tomato to cut
  11. Avatar
    If the supermarkets thought they could get away with it, the tomatoes could end up being more expensive than the knife !
    haha.... when a swiss knife is cheaper than a tomato.... No idea whats going on with the shortages tbh.
  12. Avatar
    Try to buy some veggies at Indian shop they have it
    Double the price of supermarkets.
  13. Avatar
    Picked these up last year when they were on offer and they have been fantastic throughout 🏻
  14. Avatar
    Bought these in the £9.99 deal yesterday. Guess I'll be returing them!
  15. Avatar
    Mate of mine is a chef in Australia, almost everywhere he has worked they use these constantly (use them until blunted and then discard them, they get a LOT of use of course).
  16. Avatar
    I bought these on the back of a previous post and I'm very underwhelmed. My other knives are Victorinox and they're in a different league to these, which frankly get no use as they are so inferior. (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Not sure why you'd need two of them. I've got the victorinox chefs knife (with steel), tomato knife and paring knife and that's enough Even using the chefs knife is normally fine for tomatoes

    Also they're bloody sharp! Be careful!
    Serrated is good for bread I guess, you're right you don't need these for tomatoes if you have an alright knife
  18. Avatar
    49627276-ZaWbL.jpgThese are very sharp...
  19. Avatar
    I like to think I've got decent skills, but still managed to cut the end of my thumb off with one of these.
    Excellent little knives. Every kitchen should have one.
  20. Avatar
    Is this the same as the following but 2 instead of 6

    Victorinox 6-Piece Swiss Classic Tomato/Table Knife Set with 11 cm Blade, Stainless Steel, Black, 30 x 5 x 5 cm amzn.eu/d/3…9as
    Looks to be... also the same as this, in blue and cheaper. amazon.co.uk/Vic…112
  21. Avatar
    Had these for a few months now and must say I'm impressed .Really good all rounders and have remianed sharp and consitenet on everything ive thrown at them.
  22. Avatar
    Absolutely love these knives I have 8 use them for everything

    Be careful it's easy to cut yourself as they are so sharp (edited)
  23. Avatar
    But in a few weeks time these could be on clear out, as an obsolete line? Worth the wait? :-)