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Posted 28 September 2022

Victorinox 11 cm Swiss Classic Serrated Edge Tomato/Utility Knife in Blister Pack, Set of 2, Black £7.49 @ Amazon

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Blade material - Stainless Steel
Brand - Victorinox
Colour - Black
Handle material - Polypropylene
Blade edge - Serrated
Blade length - 11 Centimetres

- Sharp serrated blade
- Ergonomic handle
- 11cm blade length
- Dishwasher safe
- Manufactured in Switzerland

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Price matching with Ocado, £11.99 at Kitchen Knives

About Victorinox

With over 130 years’ experience, Swiss company Victorinox know a thing or two about making great knives. Originally founded as a cutlery shop, their current range of kitchen knives are made to meet the highest quality standards, and the majority of their products are still manufactured in Switzerland.


The Classic range of Victorinox knives is a highly affordable, professional grade quality cutlery that has been designed for home and professional use in the food industry.

The Classic range includes a long list of knives for all your kitchen needs. range includes a long list of knives for all your kitchen needs.The ultra-sharp blade on the Victorinox Swiss Classic 2 x 11cm Tomato/Utility Knife Set Black is is perfect for cutting a wide variety of foods and really is a perfect all-rounder knife.

Its Polyethylene handle provides excellent grip, even when wet and its Fibrox Range makes it dishwasher safe and extremely durable.

To ensure the knife stays in the best shape possible, it should be sharpened regularly, and should be cleaned only with warm water and a light detergent before being left to fully dry in between each use. Although it can be used in the dishwasher, it's recommended to hand wash where possible. It shouldn't be cleaned with a hard or rough sponge that could cause damage to the blade.

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  1. Avatar
    We got these the last time they were on offer, great knives!
    Pl conform are they good for onions and meat ?
  2. Avatar
    Fantastic knives and great VFM. But seriously watch your fingers. No matter how often I remind myself to treat these knives with the utmost respect, i manage to cut my fingers now and then. Be very careful!!!
  3. Avatar
    Can’t camel camel camel these
  4. Avatar
    bought a set 7 years ago and still very sharp, cant fault them. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Are the genuinely as good as the comments? Or is this some sort of running joke?
    Lol, they are good knives for the price. I use mine every day and still do the job
  6. Avatar
    I have these, my favourite knives in my kitchen
  7. Avatar
    Best value knife money can buy. They slice through just about anything and are great for people no confiednet enough to use a chef's knife.
  8. Avatar
    Very impressive knife for the money. It is very light in weight but impressively sharp. I have bought my parents some and they love them as well.
  9. Avatar
    These are the best value for money utility knives. Best part, I don't need to tell the wife or kids off for putting them in dishwasher unlike my other expensive ones.

    Nothing worse than a dull knife
  10. Avatar
    For this money you will not get 2 better knives.
  11. Avatar
    It's no joke about how sharp they are. I was like get out of here with these attention danger alerts and I cut myself the first I used it.. haha
  12. Avatar
    Brilliant knives, sliced through my thumb like butter the other day
    Me too! brilliant knives tho!
  13. Avatar
    Best knives I've used in kitchen
  14. Avatar
    These have been great for my older kids to learn how to use a knife properly in the kitchen. Good size, easy for them to handle and bloody sharp so they pay attention! Great knives. Just bought a few more. Thanks OP
  15. Avatar
    Brilliant knives. Just buy them
  16. Avatar
    There is no such thing as a tomato knife. This is a good brand and a great price for 2 knives.
    Then why is there a market for tomato knives. I get it’s just a serrated edge but I’ve used serrated edge knives to cut tomato’s, none come close to this one
  17. Avatar
    Excellent value, great knives for the money. Maybe get some elasterplasts if they’re on offer too as they’re really sharp!
  18. Avatar
    Used these when I had a cafe for many years, still got one at home, its HEAT from me.
  19. Avatar
    Best knives I have ever bought
  20. Avatar
    Great knives. As others have said be careful with em. There's some flex in the blade so sometimes it can move a bit while cutting and catch your finger. They're excellent steak knives too.
  21. Avatar
    Great knives
  22. Avatar
    How to sharpen these? As they are serrated, knife sharpener won't work :/
    You won't need to sharpen them ever!
  23. Avatar
    Bought. Wife will be happy. Fingers bloody, but happy.
  24. Avatar
    Big chopper, fillet, and a couple of tomato knives that's all need..
  25. Avatar
    Any good for steak?
    Great for steak, imo.
  26. Avatar
    Ordered thanks, great quality Knives
  27. Avatar
    My favourite knives, been using them for years, can recommend!
  28. Avatar
    These are great just be careful with them
  29. Avatar
    Mine arrived today! Never been so excited to cut up my child’s 7 million pieces of fruit when he gets home from school 😬
  30. Avatar
    The best knives! They last forever too. Highly recommend these.
  31. Avatar
    I have this knife and its smaller sibling. They are amazingly sharp - beware if you are clumsy like me, as I managed to cut my fingers quite deeply a few times when I first bought them. Treat them with respect and they will do you proud :-)
  32. Avatar
    Good Deal! thanks OP
  33. Avatar
    Ordered thank you!
  34. Avatar
    Keep safe, very sharp
    Mine arrived yesterday and I showed them to my 4 year old and explained they may look like normal knives but to never touch them as they’re as sharp as the terrifying looking ones
  35. Avatar
    Can't imagine cutting tomatoes not using one of these now after owning one
  36. Avatar
    Great knives. Sliced tip of my finger off and couldn’t find it in the tomato salad.

    No one complained (edited)
  37. Avatar
    Ordered. Thank you op.
  38. Avatar
    Thanks, bought 2 sets
  39. Avatar
    I have had two of these for what must be nearly 10 years. They are still very sharp and I use them almost every day.
  40. Avatar
    I’ve had these for 3 years and still cutting fingers to the bone since the day I bought them
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