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Posted 30 November 2022

Victorinox 11 cm Swiss Classic Serrated Edge Tomato/Utility Knife in Blister Pack, Set of 2, Black - £7.49 @ Amazon

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At Victorinox we’re all about exceptional products that are designed to be reliable, clever companions on your everyday adventures at home and out in the world. Since our inception back in 1897, when Karl Elsener developed the ‘Original Army Knife,’ we’ve grown into a globally trusted brand offering functionality, innovation, iconic design and uncompromising quality standards. We bring our design and engineering expertise to create products that help you travel with ease, work smart, feel confident and handle whatever life throws at you.

  • Sharp serrated blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 11cm blade length
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Manufactured in Switzerland
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    We're not complaining about the sharpness, we're warning people that these are extremely sharp knives and cutting accidents will happen in a way I've never had to worry about any of my other knives.
    That's a bit blunt
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    Got these at the beginning of October. The second day of owning them I put a slice in my finger so deep I could see a different colour flesh. It has healed now but the scar still hurts. I'd still recommend them highly. Sharp knives are safer than dull knives when used correctly.
    I used to have a kitchen devil tomato knife and these are much sharper than that.

    Edit: typos. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    BE WARNED¡!!!!!!!!!

    Might have undersold it there, to be honest. They're definitely sharper than that.
  4. Avatar
    Deadly pathetic knives cut hands can kill someone easily house of kids avoid it like plague
    I love the knives, but impossible around children as its like arming them with stanley knives. I expect its why thet sell them as tomato knives. I dine and spread with them.
  5. Avatar
    Just incase someone hasn't mentioned it great knives and very sharp I have not as yet cut myself 😜
  6. Avatar
    Reviews are full of people complaining the knives are sharp
  7. Avatar
    Ours are kept in a box in a drawer. The box is red and has a clip shut lid. I'm scared that the knives will just jump out randomly and hide somewhere they shouldn't. Even looking at them makes my fingers bleed.

    Blooming amazing things though but hard to use when wearing steel gauntlets stolen from a suit of armour.
  8. Avatar
    Can someone let me know... Are these sharp?
    Very sharp, but the damage seems to b minor
  9. Avatar
    Just what I wanted but after some blunt ones
  10. Avatar
    V sharp
  11. Avatar
    Excellent knives, very sharp, heat from me
  12. Avatar
    Thanks, Frank :-)
  13. Avatar
    I have a set of 6 of these knives. They're very good and extremely sharp. You will cut yourself, you have been warned
    Why do you have 6? Thanks in advance.
  14. Avatar
    Bought these few months ago, I think they were £8, very sharp, u have to be careful, but very useful.
    Btw, as Amazon is selling it, u can always get 10% for students prime membership
  15. Avatar
    Are these sharp...?

    Seriously though, if I can't quarter a tomato in mid-air with one, it's not that sharp. That's how we used to test how sharp a knife was when I was a butcher. (edited)
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    This deal is looking sharp!
  17. Avatar
    For anyone wondering, these are really good (mini) knives.

    They are excellent for cutting small food like lemons, etc.
  18. Avatar
    I cut my finger yesterday
  19. Avatar
    Cheers ordered also ordered set of kevlar gloves for when making a salad...cheers
  20. Avatar
    Heat. Have had these for some years. Still sharp as first day. And the tomato slices are perfect with this...
  21. Avatar
    Be careful with these, like everyone else is saying, they are really sharp!! I love them! Cutting fresh tomatoes is so easy with them. I managed to slice my nail and just knicked the skin on my nail bed lol (edited)
  22. Avatar
    I have two. I have cut myself.

    Good for steak knives (edited)
  23. Avatar
    Can I just say that these are maybe a little bit shorter than you might think.
    ....Said the Bishops to the Actress
  24. Avatar
    Just get these , they will cut everything . Especially your fingers
  25. Avatar
    Not cut myself yet. Wife has though
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    Bought these on the last offer, was well warned that they were sharp, put myself in A&E within the week. That said, they are fantastic knives and it's a great deal, would recommend!
  27. Avatar
    Bought them, sliced my finger, binned them. Lethal!!!
  28. Avatar
    Good price. Good knives. As "some" have mentioned - extremely sharp

    I'd go as far as saying I don't think you'd get a sharper prep knife for the money. I used to work with a Michelin chef, and he used these religiously, even though he had various Globals etc.

    I now use them in a cooking school for people with learning difficulties. We've had a few cuts to be sure, but I believe no more so than regular knives (that went dangerously blunt v quickly, unlike these). I like there's a rounded tip, which helps a lot for careless usage.

    My only complaint after around three years using them myself is I don't find they naturally cut true/straight - probably the serration puts the angle off a bit.

    EDIT - I bought some more! (edited)
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    As soon as I wash and dry them, I place them upside down in a kitchen pot in which I keep my knives.
  30. Avatar
    Love these knives, and can confirm I have had more nics from them than all my other knives put together (great for camping too)
  31. Avatar
    I have one of those left from my job as a chef over 10 years ago still use it
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    If 80% of the folks on here and on amazon have cut themselves with these I think I'll give this one a miss! There's even a pic of someone's bleeding finger in the Amazon reviews.
    I have these. It’s really not that hard to not touch the blade.
  33. Avatar
    Excellent price they are an amazing all round knife
  34. Avatar
    Get finger size plasters
  35. Avatar
    Ridiculously sharp. Cut myself loads. Last bought 2 years ago, and still my fave knives. Bought more. Love it.
  36. Avatar
    I've been using them for a year. Excellent knife. Very sharp (be careful).
  37. Avatar
    These are the best knives I have ever used, bought them a year ago and still sharp. Be very very careful, can easily cut yourself and like others, I managed to cut my finger a few times! Amazing deal.
  38. Avatar
    Exceedingly sharp - great for prepping veg and we also use them as steak knives.
  39. Avatar
    Well I’ve had a couple for over 12 months and treat the knife with respect and never cut myself !
  40. Avatar
    These are lovely. Bought one several years ago and it’s still going strong. Cuts tomatoes perfectly every tine!