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Victorinox 8cm Pointed Tip / Serrated Edge Blister Packed Paring Knife, Pack of 2, Black £7.50 @ Amazon

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Blade material - Stainless Steel
Brand - Victorinox
Colour - Black
Handle material - Polypropylene
Blade edge - Serrated

About this item

- A paring knife is small and sharp enough to do delicate work no other knife can
- Recommended for cutting bread, sausages and tomatoes
- The teeth of a wavy edge knife allow greater pressure to be exerted on the object being cut & thinner than a plain edge blade.
- The appropriate hardness of the blade and the laser-tested cutting angle guarantee a high edge retention
- Length: 8cm
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    Good knives and good price. Damn sharp - careful people.
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    I have a range of quality chefs knives and also have these. These Victorinox are easily the lowest quality i own, with blades that are thin & bendy and cheap plastic handles. But the blades are super sharp and keep their sharpness. They are brilliant for slicing tomatoes and will slice them paper thin if you want. This is pretty much all i use them for.
    Yes I agree. Actually would be quite decent if blade was just a little more substantial.
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    Usual price but still a good deal
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    Wished the blades were a bit longer and more rigid.
    Very sharp, ideal for small items like veg, fruits,... (edited)
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    Terrible quality, purchased the knife less than a year ago, wife was using one of the other victorinox knives to cut some vegetables and the knife detached from the handle lucky she wasn't injured would never buy again. Bring back the original kitchen devils they were great quality!
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    Stop making me spend money frank!
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    Colour will come off
    There's no colour to come off
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    Excellent knives and excellent quality. Great price too.
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    In our view these are awful. Really cheap handles, flimsy blades. Personally I wouldn't recommend them .
    I'm afraid your in the minority if the general consensus is anything to go by. These are great knifes from personal experience