Victorinox   Explorer Swiss army knife £23 + 5 discount card @ Go outdoors

Victorinox Explorer Swiss army knife £23 + 5 discount card @ Go outdoors

Found 18th May 2017
edit: turns out you need a £5 discount card for 12months membership I have one but as my wife got it I didn't know about the charge.

or if you can wait 2 months it's same price on Amazon under other sellers thanks to noclouds…c=1

seems a good price for a fully functional SAK nowadays

Victorinox Explorer Pocket Knife:

The classic pocket knife from Victorinox with 16 tools to make your life easier.

Great for camping and use on the hills, you'll never go anywhere without one.
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"Discount Card Price" I assume you have to apply for a discount card, hopefully quick and simple (edit - apparently the discount card costs £5 a year but perhaps worth it). Seems to be the same price on Amazon but not in stock, shipping free if you have Prime.…c=1 (click on '6 new from £23')

The pictures suggest they are different revisions of the same model. The magnifying glass frame in the Go Outdoors model looks like the one in my old Victorinox Swiss Champ, which unfortunately broke off (my fault, I should have oiled the hinge mechanism semi regularly, it seized up and the magnifying glasses housing snapped when I tried to prize it up with a screwdriver). Good price, either way.

Edited by: "Noclouds" 19th May 2017
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