Victorinox Mini Champ £16.23 prime / £20.22 non prime @ Amazon

Victorinox Mini Champ £16.23 prime / £20.22 non prime @ Amazon

Found 8th Feb 2016
Size doesn't matter.Impress the girls with a Mini Champ from Victorinox.

Features Include:
Thin blade, nail file and nail cleaner, screwdriver and ruler, cuticle pusher, scissors, tweezers, emergency blade, orange peeler with scraper, letter opener, ballpen, bottle opener with magnetic Phillips screwdriver and wire stripper
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Not bad, heat from me
good price. May have further to fall.

Had my Champ for about 15 years, getting a little stiff but with life time warranty it has had a few free services to my surprise. After using it in Africa and basically not taking care of it, it ceased up . I was expecting to pay for a service but the authorised repairer sent a free postage box to send it to them and they serviced it and replaced the consumables for free.
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Greedy Amazon
lol @ size dont!
great knife for hobbit.
£17.19 now

great knife for hobbit.

"What is This? A Penknife for Ants?"
Cold, no toothpick

"What is This? A Penknife for Ants?"

mo micro monescule bacteria
I think this one:…BA/
has more useful stuff, and it occasionally goes under £14.
Heat, but if you're going to keep it with your keys, don't forget to remove it if you're going on holiday via airport.

"What is This? A Penknife for Ants?"

It would need to be at least 7 times bigger.

Cold, no toothpick

Comes with a toothpick but you have the tough decision of which one( toothpick or tweezers )you want to take with the knife
Don't have the pic to hand , but there is a Polish version , that has about 8 different sizes of bottle opener on it !
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