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Victorinox Ranger Swiss Army Pocket Knife £21.67 @ Amazon
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Victorinox Ranger Swiss Army Pocket Knife £21.67 @ Amazon

£21.67£23.227%Amazon Deals
Posted 14th May
Lovely knife, lots of features, better than the Huntsman.

21 Tools

large blade
small blade
can opener
screwdriver 3 mm
bottle opener
screwdriver 6 mm
wire stripper
reamer, punch and sewing awl
wood saw

nail file
nail cleaner
metal saw
metal file
screwdriver 2.5 mm
chisel 4 mm
multipurpose hook
key ring
Community Updates
  • Contains seven implements with 11 different functions
  • Ergonomic handles made of natural walnut
  • Features include blade, nail file, can opener with small screwdriver
  • Other features include bottle opener with large locking screwdriver and wire stripper, corkscrew and reamer


Is this not normal price?
Seems reasonable price as detailed by camelcamelcamelUK

Not sure how they work out their average of £26 given its been over £30 for so long..

In April 2017 it was £26, otherwise o er 30
Edited by: "winchman" 14th May
Every Swiss Army knife is HOT

It's a shame some didn't do a little homework before deciding to make a comment...
Edited by: "winchman" 14th May
Description says walnut handles.
Rogier_Arpignot14/05/2019 21:01

Description says walnut handles.

If you put the product code in a search it's the ranger which comes in red or red with writing.
Although reading a few of the reviews they say about wood, if it comes in wood its no loss, they are normally a lot more..
Edited by: "winchman" 14th May
Not a bad price, heated.
Tempted by this one, i already have a Huntsman and the Camper, but would like the file & smaller screwdrivers that this one has.
The standard ranger (as illustrated) is not produced with walnut scales, so if you receive one with wooden scales it will not have that tool layout.

Amazon are a bit hopeless matching descriptions with the right product.
I got mine today to replace my well abused huntsman.Came carded with small nick out of the red body very tiny,contacted Amazon who gave me 25 percent refund so worked out about 16 quid.Has more tools than the huntsman as well as all the tools the huntsman has.
£21.67 at the mo...
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