Victorinox SwissTool Spirit £49.99 @ Play (RRP £76.99)

Victorinox SwissTool Spirit £49.99 @ Play (RRP £76.99)

Found 14th Nov 2009
Very good price for a capable and well built Multi Tool in the run up to Christmas. The RRP seems to vary depending on which site you look at but regardless Play seem to be selling this a clear £15 cheaper than the next best.

SWISS TOOL Spirit comes from the same manufacturer that produced the original «Swiss Army Knife» - the world's most famous multi-tool - over 100 years ago. The sturdy SwissTool has also been very well received among experts since 1999, since it is particularly functional, versatile and easy-to-use. Its successor, the
Spirit, is more ergonomic and more elegant, weighs just 205 g compared to 285 g.

The Victorinox-SwissTool Spirit contains 27 functions :

needlenose pliers, screwdriver 2 mm, screwdriver 3 mm, wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRc, cap lifter, screwdriver 6 mm, crate opener, combi-edge blade, scissors, metal file, metal saw, wood saw, reamer and punch, Phillips screwdriver 1+2, chisel /scraper, cable cover cutter lengthwise, wire bender, wire stripper and scraper, cable cover cutter circular, can opener, multi purpose hook, leather or Nylon pouch, coupling for corkscrew, hard wire cutter, lanyard hole, ten individual springs, lock release.

Victorinox tools have a lifetime warranty which covers build and materials defects (misuse and abuse are not included).

Before we go any further can I ask that this doesn't descend into a slagging match amongst Multi Tool owners?! I accept that Leatherman, SOG and Gerber etc. make some good tools - but I'm not claiming that this is the best, just a good price for what it is.

Finally, to answer some questions in advance:

YES: It does have a blade.
YES: It does lock.
NO: that in itself does not make this a dangerous weapon. In the right hands this is a tool. A brick is a dangerous weapon in the hands of an idiot but you wouldn't and couldn't ban them could you?!


gerber got a better write up on the gadget show

Excellent price!! My husband has informed me this is on his xmas wishlist:thumbsup:
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