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Posted 7 December 2022

Victron Energy Quattro 10000VA 48-Volt 230V Pure Sine Wave Inverter 140 amp £3849.99 Sold by fromlowenergysupermarket - Amazon

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I know its been this price for a long time, but is still significantly cheaper than bimble and any other retailer, and has not gone up with inflation.
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    Explain what it is, why I need one and if it seems more useful to me than home solar panels for £5800 I might be in lol
    It's not more useful than solar panels, it's what solar panels need to power most appliances.

    It's needed to convert the DC current from your solar panels and batteries to AC you can use at home. Would recommend Will Prowse on YT if you want to further understand. (edited)
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    Personally I’d get two at half the capacity of this if you did need 140A. Efficiency isn’t good on the low or high end of the usage of inverters usually, and based on their lifespan having two means you’ll always have one when the more used one dies.
    Very good point!
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    Just in time for the power cuts
    If only we had Coal -n- Frack we might go from blue to green!
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    But big for my campervan
    Imagine all the leccy gadgets you could have going at once, though.