Vidal Sassoon Hair Dye £1 instore @ Poundland

Vidal Sassoon Hair Dye £1 instore @ Poundland

Found 10th Dec 2016Made hot 10th Dec 2016
Usually £9.99 at full price. Managers Special.

- msjames


Need to put Poundland in the title too

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Oops! Sorry I'm new to this!

Heat 1st time Op my 1st one was a couple of weeks ago & my 2.99 came up at £299 & still mess up lol

good find op, heat added

great find! If I see this in mine I am stocking up for the next few years

been in there for a while now. English writing on box but no English instructions inside, well now on the boxes I got.

Great find

Poundworld had it a few weeks ago. Superdrug had them RTC @ £1 around 10months ago.

Great price - HOT from me

If you're goin to use it don't add the serum to the colour as it works alot better without it
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