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vidaXL TV Cabinet Solid wood tv unit £155.69 @ vidaXL
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Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
vidaXL TV Cabinet Solid wood tv unit £155.69 @ vidaXL
Thought this was a nice tv unit for the price. Looks very similar to one in Swoon but price tag is less , ive ordered this so can’t comment on quality or build just yet . I also t… Read more

I think id prefer to stick my tv on a stack of pallets rather than have that in my living room (horror)


The 70s called and want their furniture back :D


Sorry but who in there right mind would buy that crap there is no other word for it just Crap.


Goodness that's minging



Oral-B Smart 6 Electric Toothbrush £35.99  vidaXL
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Posted 4th Oct 2018Posted 4th Oct 2018
Oral-B Smart 6 Electric Toothbrush £35.99 vidaXL
Experience Oral-B Smart 6 from the brand that brought you the first ever connected rechargeable toothbrush. The sleek handle of the 6000N electric toothbrush improves your brushing… Read more

Ordered recently from this awful company. Goods never arrived , emails back and forth, promised coming soon, then they said OOS. They have even had my review removed from trust pilot, because I pasted their emails which had an employee's first name in it. AVOID


OOS already ;(


Can this make a cup of tea for you at the same time? Lol


Anyone used this site before? Thanks


Excellent price £68.99 on Amazon

Summer Party Inflatable Spray Pool Turtle Shape from  £24.99 delivered @ VidaXL
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Posted 25th Jul 2018Posted 25th Jul 2018
Summer Party Inflatable Spray Pool Turtle Shape from £24.99 delivered @ VidaXL
Free delivery, also a whale version for £26.99 This amazing spray pool will bring you years of fun with friends or families in your backyard. Made of durable 3-layer laminated PVC… Read more
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Add one kettle of hot water. Simple but works


Any ideas on how to heat the water so that at least it's at room temperature? Water gets so cold in the pool we have that we ended up emptying it and putting it back.


Looks good and a good price, but in the picture where are the guys legs? And why is the head spraying when it hasn't been attached to a hose? More realistic pictures can be found here which also give a better idea of the size:

Live on 11/07 - Tool Trolley with Tools 7 Layers £174.99 @ VidaXL
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Posted 8th Jul 2018Posted 8th Jul 2018
Live on 11/07 - Tool Trolley with Tools 7 Layers £174.99 @ VidaXL
Alice on the 11th of July, another one for the garage, great for those new home owners or just married guys looking for an all in one chest with tools...neat and organised with spa… Read more

24 now :D


Ffs you've been living next door to her for the last 20 years! (lol)


I see you haven’t met Alice, she is my good old friend Typo


Who the **** is Alice?


Why is that?

Now Live! - 5 Tier Storage Shelf @ VidaXL £19.99
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Posted 8th Jul 2018Posted 8th Jul 2018
Now Live! - 5 Tier Storage Shelf @ VidaXL £19.99
Great deal for this unit, goes live on Friday July 13th! Material: Steel with zinc coating + MDF Size: 90 x 40 x 180 cm (L x W x H) Weight: 15 kg Total loading capacity: 875 kg (… Read more

Yep. They cancelled mine too. Only just emailed me to tell me it's cancelled. Useless. Gone for the large galvanised ones @Corporates linked and used the PLAY20 code. Thanks bud.


Thanks for the link, i wanted the original ones in blue anyway, so maybe every silver cloud has a lining after all.Got these instead, using code PLAY20 discounted by 20% Ive already been refunded by vidaxl after opening dispute in paypal, kudos to vidaxl for that. I have saved £5 on my new shelving if they turn up. The one Vidaxl had are these at £25.95 minus 20% using play20 on ebay bout £20.70 each. If people are quick and use the code by tonight they can get two of these for £32 if they select GALVANIZED.or £16 each so almost the same price.Hope this helps others, also come with FREE BAY CONNECTORS.


that sucks, but here is a better deal...


Bad news, I contacted VIDAXL who say my order is cancelled, despite ordering on the day of the offer, they will have none in stock indefinetly, will be refunded in 3-5 days. So now they too have my details free, yet another viking direct type fiasco.


This deal was a one day deal on Friday the 13th of July...sorry to say but you have missed it. To find similar pricing for such items please check the comment thread as people have recommended similar items. Good luck?

Outdoor Dining Set 9 Pieces - £335.99 best price I can find for this size! - VidaXL
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Posted 17th Apr 2018Posted 17th Apr 2018
Outdoor Dining Set 9 Pieces - £335.99 best price I can find for this size! - VidaXL
I have doing a lot of research trying to find a decent Garden Furniture that last more then 1 season and this is the absolute best price I can find for this size...get extra £5 off… Read more

Has anybody bought this and what are they're opinions?


You could store them in a shed over winter! Just one idea from many......


Looks identical to the one I purchased from Coop 3yrs ago. After 1 winter it looked awful, one chair broke when a mate sat on it where it had rotted/degraded. After second winter I've moved it to mow the lawn and it's in such bad state it's fit for a bonfire only now. Wish I'd not wasted my money on it.


Not to mention dodging the trains!


Looks nice , can only move it tho when the worlds strongest men competition comes to town.

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vidaXL Wardrobe Mexican Pine Corona Range 3 Doors (Free del) £260.99 @
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Posted 3rd Jan 2018Posted 3rd Jan 2018
vidaXL Wardrobe Mexican Pine Corona Range 3 Doors (Free del) £260.99 @
Delivery time : 5 working days FREE shipping & return This high-quality wooden wardrobe is a piece of furniture in the Mexican 'Corona' style. The waxed pine with black meta… Read more

Have seen items from the Corona range in the flesh and it's pretty poor quality


Worst. Company. Ever. Wouldn’t take anything free off them! Bought a coffee table as the quality of the goods was simply woeful and the returns process was even worse! Mystery how they peddle junk and offer such tragic ‘service’ and still stay in business...?


Lol rrp looks about its money to me.

2x 400mm Pull Out Wire Baskets for Kitchen Cabinets - £30.99 delivered at VidaXL
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Posted 12th Nov 2017Posted 12th Nov 2017
2x 400mm Pull Out Wire Baskets for Kitchen Cabinets - £30.99 delivered at VidaXL
Probably not the most exciting deal, but VidaXl (also available through amazon but slightly more expensive) have an offer on their 2 packs of Wire Pull out Kitchen Cabinet basket. … Read more

recently purchased a kitchen from lochanna and accessories from these people


Same here!


How do you know the prices?


Something else I didn't know I needed. Thanks OP.


Thanks for posting, I've been meaning to get a couple more of these for a while. 5 or so % cashback on TCB too!

Automatic Sensor Bin 62L £38.99 @
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Posted 9th Jun 2017Posted 9th Jun 2017
Automatic Sensor Bin 62L £38.99 @
it is there daily offer not bad for a 62lt bin have bought stuff from them before with no issues
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That should say SAVING!


Any way they can suggest "We're saying the planet" !


Glad this went hot a week late ;)


From the blurb: With this sensor garbage bin you can conveniently and hygienically throw away trash. The lid will automatically open when your hands or other objects are located 20 cm from the trash can, and the lid will also automatically close when the waste is in. This garbage bin doesn’t only have a sensor but also an LED display function thanks to the new high-tech design which runs on photo electricity. It has a stainless steel housing and a plastic removable lid. Note: Needs 4 x AA batteries so idk what the photo-electricity claim is about

SMOKER BBQ £46.99 @ vidaXL
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Posted 10th May 2017Posted 10th May 2017
SMOKER BBQ £46.99 @ vidaXL
Fantastic for the summer. Good price too down from £80.99 to £46.99 Great for smoking or barbecues. Good quality for a low price. Good for cooking brisket! More photos in commen… Read more
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looks cheap and flimsy i am i doubt that will live over one season


If you going to go into smoking please don't buy this. It will last a year if that. If money is the reason then YouTube mini Webber smoker you make your own


Quick search on eBay and I found that this is a generic model and is available at £25.88 (eBay)


Any clues as to where to buy...?


vida XL Playhouse set swing and slide £211.99
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Posted 10th May 2017Posted 10th May 2017
vida XL Playhouse set swing and slide £211.99
vidaXL Playhouse Set with Ladder, Slide and Swings 290x260x245 cm Wood Think its quite cheap for what it is

Good info! Thanks. The Dunster House ones do look pretty solid. The Selwood ones are the ones sold in Costco I think.


We've got a dunster house one, very similar to this actually just has monkey bars on the side, very impressed for the money.. and at least it has a rated load of a bit more than 50kg! I'm 86kg and it feels safe to climb and use the swing.


Also quite interested in a good size climbing frame. This looks ok,m


...or Wickey (which we're quite taken with).


We're looking at big climbing frames at the mo. This a good price so heat added but can anyone comment on the Vida XL's / Wicken / Dunster House / Selwood? Which is best quality etc?

Children's fire engine bed £155 @ VidaXL (now £138.99)
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Posted 7th May 2017Posted 7th May 2017
Children's fire engine bed £155 @ VidaXL (now £138.99)
half price fire engine bed! it looks excellent.

£152 on eBay !!!


Sign up for news letter get £5 off code and 5% quidco.


I want one with a slide, sod the kids


138.99 now


Has to be installed by a fireman if there's anything mummy in the house!

vidaXL Gas Barbecue Grill 4+1 Burners Black + cover £134.99 delivered @ Vidaxl
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Posted 10th Apr 2017Posted 10th Apr 2017
vidaXL Gas Barbecue Grill 4+1 Burners Black + cover £134.99 delivered @ Vidaxl
This gas BBQ grill has 4 large burners and 1 side burner and is ideal for creating an outdoor feast for your family and friends. It will make your outdoor cooking experience sizzle… Read more

It's showing as £148.99 now :/


Yep but this has metal doors and cover, looks ok for the money though.

deanos Looks very similar


Same price on Amazon but in Silver.

Rose Arch £39.99 delivered @ VidaXL
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Posted 27th Jun 2016Posted 27th Jun 2016
Rose Arch £39.99 delivered @ VidaXL
This beautiful rose arch is made from dark green weather resistant wrought iron and is a stable base for roses and other climbers. The pretty ornaments give the arch a romantic fee… Read more

I have not been in my garden this year apart from cutting the grass too wet and cold no wonder retailers are cutting the price of garden furniture etc.


Can't see from site how much assembly is required, or if the dark green is a painted finish or a plastic coating. Does anyone know?

Bike Trailer with Cover 140 litres - £61.99 delivered @ VidaXL
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Posted 21st Jun 2016Posted 21st Jun 2016
Bike Trailer with Cover 140 litres - £61.99 delivered @ VidaXL
Not sure of the quality of this at all, but could be good: This handy bike trailer is ideal for transporting luggage and groceries. The trailer is equipped with a large waterproof… Read more

​Nope, but it might be *just* big enough for their toys! :{


Now they will.


Awesome reply!


Looks great.


But good idea

4 x 5 kg Weight Plates £18.99 @ Vida XL
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Posted 31st Aug 2015Posted 31st Aug 2015
4 x 5 kg Weight Plates £18.99 @ Vida XL
I've been searching for a good deal on these 5kg weight plates for a while and this is so far the best price. Free delivery too. Argos previously had them at £19.99 which I missed … Read more
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you can never get the 2.5kg, 1.5kg or 1kg for cheap which are what are really needed when you want to increase the weight you can lift gradually, or to make a few sets of spin lock dumbbells off various weights so you dont have to keep changing


where? every where i have looked its at least £1.50, apart from when argos have a deal on. be careful which brand you buy as some weights be much lighter than the stated weight


LOL haha


Heat added


It's about £1 for a kilo everywhere ive looked lately.

Airbed with Built-in Electrical Pump 203 x 157 x 48 cm £30.99 @ VidaXL
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Posted 13th Aug 2015Posted 13th Aug 2015
Airbed with Built-in Electrical Pump 203 x 157 x 48 cm £30.99 @ VidaXL
Description of Airbed with Built-in Pump This airbed is perfect for travel, camping trips and so much more. It features a built-in electric air pump that ensures quick inflation an… Read more

ii do not recommend the air bad it is very bad quality one. I only use 3 times and its gone already. do not west your money.


Delivery time: 4 working days

2 x Dumbbells 30KG £15.99 Delivered @ VIDAXL
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Posted 2nd Mar 2015Posted 2nd Mar 2015
2 x Dumbbells 30KG £15.99 Delivered @ VIDAXL
Amazing price for these dumbbells; order quick as I'd imagine they'll sell pretty quickly. Free delivery (4 Working days) and free returns. Contents: 2 x 0,5 kg dumbbells: 25 (Φ) … Read more

£25 now.


could I put standard Olympic weights on these?


now £16.99


Thanks for answering. I want to get big so I should get 15kg then. I just hope I can do sets and not flake out after 1 or 2 reps hehe :)


Round ones are easier to handle.