video games sale at argos

video games sale at argos

Found 25th Jun 2010
just got a e-mail from argos about the games sales


Can we please stop these deals with endless details in them they
clog up my home page on HUKD and mean that i can only view 2 deals
on one page.......

look for a deal on bigger screens, then you can see 3 pages

Considering there aren't even any good deals on the sale i'd say this is a double fail.


Thanks for posting. And welcome to HUKD.
It is good practice to also give a few examples; otherwise it's a bit like saying "Argos sell Video games" which isn't really breaking news.
Emmajk42 / Juliet_Bravo wrote a couple of very comprehensive and excellent guides for newcomers to HUKD here: -…ne/…177
They are well worth taking a look at.
Again, thanks for posting, and welcome to HUKD.
Kind regards Andy
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