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Video Streaming Services Megathread - What offers / freebies are available to you?

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Thread updated! Thanks to all those that have contributed
Hi folks, with the Cost of living up the spout for many and many are looking to either switch/cancel/lower their sky/virgin/Talk Talk subscriptions etc, i thought it would be helpful to list the some streaming services offers/trials/freebies to try and get the best for you money, even if it's to see you over the next few months.

If i've missed and little hacks/offers on the ones below, please comment and i'll review. Thanks in advance

Please remember to cancel, before your trial is up otherwise you'll be charged. Unless of course, you want to keep the service(s)


Amaon video - Thousands Of Popular Movies & TV Shows, Discover the Newest Releases and Classics on Prime

Amazon Prime Trials (30 days) also get you Amazon video so you could binge 30 days worth of content then cancel. obviously this also gets you Prime delivery and more.

Freevee (Owned by Amazon) Freevee has hit TV shows & movies available for free. Watch now on your streaming device. Stream hit shows & movies at no cost on Freevee.

Amazon Freevee is a free, ad-supported video streaming service available in the United Kingdom and Channel Islands. You can stream Amazon Freevee titles through the Freevee app on Fire TV devices, Android TV, Google TV, from your web browser and through the Freevee channel on the Prime Video app

Lionsgate+ 30 day free trial for Amazon Prime members + 30 day free Amazon Prime Trial if not already a member

Lionsgate+ is the place where you can watch original titles such as Outlander, Station Eleven, The Serpent Queen, The Great, Power Book, Gaslit, Tokyo Vice, Blindspotting, Dr Death, Doom Patrol and more.

Apple TV+ - Apple TV+ is a streaming service featuring Apple Originals — award-winning series, compelling dramas, groundbreaking documentaries, kids' entertainment,

Apple TV offer a free 7 day trial but there's likely other offers out there, if you have certain devices, or already looking to purchase certain items

Get 6 Months Apple TV+ Free With Every Purchase For Black Friday

3 month Apple TV trial with PS4 or 6 months with PS5 (One Redemption Per Console)

Apple TV Roku - Get three months free

2 months free Apple TV+ for new and returning subscribers

Britbox - BritBox is a subscription service formed as a joint venture between UK broadcasters ITV and BBC

Brtixbox offer a free trial of 7 days, then £5.99 per month. It's been said though, if you cancel before they take the first payment, you may get xx months for a flat free, worth a try!

Discovery+ - Unmissable true-crime, paranormal, documentaries and reality shows, all in one place

discovery+ offer a 7 day trial and then from £3.99 per month, thereafter OR if you're a Sky VIP customer, you can get 12 months for free - 12 months of Discovery+ free for existing Sky VIP customers only

Disney+ - The streaming home of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star. Classic Favourites. Stream Anywhere, Anytime. Download and Go. Exclusive Originals

Sadly there's no longer a 7 day trial but there is a few offers floating around

Get 12 months for the price of 10, You can also pay £8.99 per month. Disney are also to introduce ad-supported version of Disney+ in December, no cost of this yet.

Mobile network O2 usually have offers with their sims or selected free trials, so worth a look.

You can exhange clubcard vouchers for 3 months subscriptions

Selected O2 users can get 3 months free Disney+ (text DISNEY3 to 21500)

Hayu - Hayu is an on-demand TV subscription service, which allows us Brits to stream American reality TV on the very same day that episodes drop across the pond.

Hayu offer a 7 day free trial, then £4.99 thereafter. There's also an offer to get 25% off if you subscribe for a year but defo worth taking the trial first, before you part with your cash.

Netflix - Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries & more

Sadly Netflix also stopped any trials but you can watch from as little as £4.99 with adverts, from 4th November, see here (Otherwise from £6.99 per month)

Now (Now TV) - Now (formerly Now TV) is a subscription-based TV service owned by Sky, with contract-free access to Sky's premium sports, movies and entertainment.

There used to be a 7 day trial for Now (Now TV) but seems like that's been gone a while now. Offers on site are currently 3 months for £15, which includes Box Sets and Sky Originals.

Paramount Plus - Paramount+ - The Channel For Original Series And Movies. Watch Anytime, Anywhere.

Paramount Plus offer a 7 day free trial, then £6.99 per month, thereafter. Also Free month with selected bags of Walkers Crisps or try using code BRAVO (New users / selected accounts) for a free month.


No other free streaming service delivers more content to and from more countries worldwide.

Thousands of Titles
Choose from movies, shows, sports and music documentaries, AMC series, Live TV and more.

Always 100% Free
Welcome to instant gratification at its best. Watch now without any payment or subscription and end the search for free movie websites.

Stream the good stuff from your favorite devices including Apple, Android, Smart TVs and more.


Watch 100+ channels and 1,000s of movies and shows on demand for free.

Drop in to over 100 of hit movies, binge-worthy TV shows, cartoons, sports and more. Anytime. Always for free.

If you're looking to save on Music streaming services, take a look

Disney Plus More details at Disney Plus
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    We need a thread on Sports! In particular Premier League / Champions League 🙏
    The livescore app is showing all the champions league games for free in Ireland. All you need to access them is a vpn and using Ireland as your location.
  2. Avatar
    FREEVEE is another if you've got an android TV and it's free. Part of Amazon I believe, some classics on there. or watch on tablet etc (edited)
    Thank you! Will add under Amazon now
  3. Avatar
    Worth to mention that NOW also give you better deals after you cancel your current subscription.
  4. Avatar
    It's also worth checking that for most of these offers you should use a gmail account to sign up.
    One of the benefit's of gmail is that; any variance of the original email address will still go to the original account, but the provider will see it as a new email account.

    eg: - original account to setup

    these will still get delivered to

    This definitely worked for netflix's free trial (better when you got 1 month free trial) and also for Strava
    Buy a vanity domain… have go to the same place, and look professional while you’re at it
  5. Avatar
    Pluto tv is decent and free,also airy TV
  6. Avatar
    Pluto USA has a ton of content that's not available on the UK version if you got a Firestick, Firecube or Nvidia Shield just install the app on there and use a VPN to access the American content
    I was going to say that but you've saved me typing
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    For big anime fans Crunchyroll premium dropped from £6.99 to £4.99 per month. 14 day free trial. They have added watching on multiple screens at the same time too. Can watch on the xbox, tablets and laptop etc. I have a few anime fans in the home so worth it
    Using a VPN watching it allows you to access content not available in the UK as well. One example are certain Dragonball shows.
  8. Avatar
    Definitely MUBI for people not afraid to read subtitles. Discount for students.
  9. Avatar
    Nice guide, thanks. Worth adding a note about O2 users getting 3 months free Disney+ (text DISNEY3 to 21500)
    I searched for this on-site, couldn't damn find it though aha! Will add in, under Disney+

    Thank you!
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    For anyone on EE it's worth checking your account under the add ons to see if they're offering you 6 months free Apple TV+.
    I signed up for the 7 day trial first then added it to that account.
  11. Avatar
    Barclaycard were doing Apple tv free for up to 6 months.
    I've just looked and managed to get 4 months free even though I was a previous Apple TV customer. You get 5 months if you're a new subscriber.

    So thanks shug119!

    Definitely worth highlighting Dan_82
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    If you're a Barclays member. In the app, there's an option to sign up for Apple TV for a 5 month free trial.…pp2 (edited)
    If you own a ps5 there is a 6 month free trial can be stacked on top of a existing trial too.
    I had a 3 month trial from my Samsung tv expires in December, i did the ps5 one last week my trial now expires in June 2023.
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    Plex has a load of free stuff to stream too.
    In my limited understanding Plex allows one to access ones media library remotely. Ae there users who open up their library to the public free?. Or even dubious legality users with vast libraries charging ?
  14. Avatar
    If you have a VPN (even free tier like Windscribe has) then Tubi TV has a mad amount of stuff. Totally free with ads.

    It's especially good for me, as someone into South Korean films.
    Thank you! Will have a review of this soon
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    Where is cheapest for Disney + subscription? I can get £50 Google play voucher for £40 would that make play store cheapest? I can't find the subscription prices without downloading first which I prefer not to do.
  16. Avatar
    How far down the rabbit hole are you wanting to go in regards to hacks and offers? As using vpns and online codes can save you loads of money.
    You can get Disney+ by creating a turkish Google account, use an old android phone, skip the first setup, install a VPN, then finish the setup, skip adding a phone number, then add a revolt or similar card to the Google account, then download Disney+ and sign-up using the Google account! £16 for a year and no need for codes. You can watch normally / no VPN required
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    Anyone still waiting on their £12 cashback from Britbox that was posted on here a while back?
    I am and Quidco aren't really helping me. I joined them a long time ago and it's got worse in the last few years.
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    Samsung Smart TV's are offering an Apple TV 3 month trial on the TV Home advert slot. The adverts change every time you bring up the TV home so it may take a day or two for the ad to show
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    The only streaming service I've bothered with is NextUp comedy.

    £25 for a year.

    As well as pre-recorded shows they also have live streams quite regularly.

    This year they had tons of stuff streamed live from the Edinburgh Fringe.

    If you go to the gift voucher section you can also buy a lifetime subscription for £100
    Hi never heard about nextup comedy before I came across your post, I’m a big standup comedy fan so very interested to know for the price you pay for a year £25, you can watch anything from the site and theirs no hidden charges behind some big shows that maybe be streaming on nextup,
    Big fan of the scouse Paul smith but sadly don’t think he is on this site.
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    Can I also point.out that together price shares the cost of video and music subscription services to a fraction. I personally get now TV entertainment and movies package for approx £5 pm
    48505819-Rqzi0.jpgBest going directly to the source and reading for yourself as they'll probably describe it better however basically it's a shared subscription.
  21. Avatar
    Magellan Tv app is very good for documentaries, nature, science ect lots of catagories (edited)
    Any "Free" TV apps apart from Pluto and Plex ?
  22. Avatar
    Knew was something i missed under Amazon, will add in and thanks also!
  23. Avatar
    Control d 30 day recurrent trial is good to expand library and block ads
  24. Avatar
    American football - nflgamepass have a free subscription which allows you to watch highlights (5-6mins) of every game & also watch the nfl network channel for free.

    Baseball - the mlb app usually has a free game of the day every day, some even multiple games (also states one's that are free on YouTube) per day. Teams play 162 games a year (plus spring training & post season) so there's a lot of choice! They also do an audio only subscription which I take out which gives you the radio broadcast (with build up & after game shows) of every single game plus spring training & postseason & only costs £12.72 a year which for me is a bargain!
  25. Avatar
    Does anyone know how to cancel Paramount plus? Got the free month with the crisps last week and I've been trying to cancel it and it will not let me.
    Did you register on a smart TV? If so, you need to do it in Google Play.
  26. Avatar
    YouTube has lots of live streams, documentaries and movies these days. Subscribe to Premium and it's a much better experience without ads and means you can download. Also includes YouTube Music which is like Spotify etc.
    I spend more time down the YouTube rabbit hole than I do watching TV these days. (edited)
    Also you can use a VPN to subscribe in India and pay £2 rather than £17 a month on their family package
  27. Avatar
    Miami vice series is on freevee too
    HD version?
  28. Avatar
    We have Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney + but cancelled TV License and really don’t use it for the last two years….. an eye opener £159 to spend on what we really want to watch :-)
    That's what we watch in our house,I cancelled our tv license when they stopped my mothers free over 75's license
  29. Avatar
    Paramount+ have a months free trial available with grab bag crisp packets like Wotsits and Sensations.
    Got this already but thank you!
  30. Avatar
    Is IPTV allowed here?
  31. Avatar is an amazing site for watching US content. You can watch this from any browser (mobile, tablet, laptop, streaming device). You will need a VPN with a US server, but it's worth it.
    Yellow stone?
  32. Avatar
    Second the above and Pluto app. Also lots of free (foreign) dramas on Youtube.
  33. Avatar
    As someone said, it really depends how deep you want to get into this tread as you can watch all movies/series/shows that exist for free, and a premium IPTV that will cost £60-70 a year and you will have virtually every TV channel that exist in the world no just Britain… the real “crime” is forking out over £1400 a year if you want to watch all UK channels, the most expensive subscription in the world, no idea what makes it more special than other countries
    I’m looking for a good IPTV and reading online there are many to chose from, do you have advice on something tried and tested. I need something that can be used both uk and in Europe and 2-3 devices at any time. Live uk tv and sports
  34. Avatar
    Old movies Hollywood classics - app name says it all!

    I have it on mobile & Google TV. Lots of random 1920-50s movies to watch free.
  35. Avatar
    I'd also recommend sharing accounts with trusted people until its taken away. It's a good money saver and gives you access to all the services you want whilst keeping prices affordable.

    I've got quite a few services and majority are shared.
  36. Avatar
    I didn't know about Freevee, its fantastic! Thanks
  37. Avatar
    you can also use roku channel on amazon fire tv with a vpn
  38. Avatar
    Plex is a free streaming service and has a lot of titles legaly available!
  39. Avatar
    Lionsgate + is offering a 30 days free trial via their app. This service used to be called Starz until very recently.
  40. Avatar
    I have side loaded a lot of state broadcaster apps from around the world on my Fire Stick. Australia's i-View (their iPlayer) has the latest series of Bluey, months even years before Disney+ and CBeebies. RTE isn't bad for drama and series which have long dropped off ITV Hub. You will also need a VPN of course.
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