ViewSonic 40" HD Ready Digital LCD TV + Freeview, £399 + P&P + Quidco

ViewSonic 40" HD Ready Digital LCD TV + Freeview, £399 + P&P + Quidco

Found 11th Oct 2008
No matter if for thrilling video entertainment in the home or as a wide-screen entertainment and information display for public spaces, the 40" N4066w (102cm) with DVB-T digital TV receiving capability is an excellent choice. The stylish next generation high definition LCD TV with an HDMI (HDCP compliant) interface guarantees true digital connectivity for improved uncompressed digital video and audio quality. Equipped with advanced DNX video signal processing it boasts an ultra-high contrast ratio and brightness value for sharper, brighter and richer images. Furthermore, the latest generation ultra fast-response time panel will provide a completely fluid viewing experience even when watching fast moving, high-speed images. The advanced integrated sound system will immerse you with impressive virtual surround sound.


doesnt do 1080i or 1080p though see review below

LCD TV is one of the latest inventions which give you high clarity pictures as well as clear sound effects. ViewSonic is one of the well known manufacturers of electronic goods and they have introduced their new version of LCD TV named ViewSonic N4066W 40 inch LCD TV. The trendy looks of the unit makes it a piece of attractive in your home. Now you can watch pictures with realistic clarity at the comfort of your home.

Spectacular features

ViewSonic N4066W is a 40" LCD TV with a contrast ratio of 1200:1. The display resolution of this system is 1366 x 768 pixels. The broadcast formats displayed are 720p (HDTV), 480p (EDTV) and 480i (SDTV). The native aspect ratio of this LCD TV is 16:9 and 4:3 and the interpolated aspect ratio is 16:9 and 14:9. Brightness of this LCD TV is 500 cd/m2 and the device has a viewing angle of 178 which helps you to watch the TV clearly even sitting at an angle of 178 degree. The anti-reflection glass coating of the unit is another remarkable feature of the device.

ViewSonic N4066W LCD Television comes with adjustable colour temperature feature. This system has a virtual sound system and the 2 included speakers give you high clarity sound. The included speakers have a power of 2 x 10 W. The audio format supported by the device is SRS WOW. This LCD TV supports picture in picture function that allows you to view multiple channels at the same time. This product also has a Freeview tuner in it.

Supporting features

ViewSonic N4066W LCD screen has an analogue coaxial (RF) tuning system. The component video supported is HDMI, S - video, SCART and VGA. The comb filter of the system is 4 - line digital. LCD response time of this device is only 8ms and you don’t want to stay for a long time after switching On the TV. The system also supports progressive scan feature. Headphone jack included with the TV helps to connect your head phone. Universal remote control included with the unit helps you to control the functions from a distance. The total weight of this LCD TV is 32.96kg. This product also has a Freeview tuner in it. Dimensions of the system include a height of 75.5cm; a width of 101.5cm and a depth of is 28cm.

just for reference.. 720p is actually better than 1080i

is it i never knew that, i thought it was 720p then 1080i then 1080p

Already posted ]HERE.

was going to buy this , however after reading customer reviews on internet about this company i would not buy a thing from them
seems to be cheap prices which is all well and good until somthing goes wrong and then they ignore you , dont pay quidco , poor delivery - dont come when they say , cannot speak to a person only contact through email except if buying then of course they will talk to you
going to buy the 37" phillips plasma from richer sounds fro the same money - at least there c.s is good

mind you the tv is great value for the money but spending £400 with little comeback doesn't appeal to me

Yep 720p is superior to 1080i. Anyway here's the interesting part, viewsonic used to use sony panels, my this being a 40" like sony make not 42" like all the other manufacturers also suggests this as well. Spec is pretty low, so possibly the old 2000 model panel?


is it i never knew that, i thought it was 720p then 1080i then 1080p

On a tv this size you are not really going to notice much difference between the resolutions, ( if they are all the same quality of tv). You will only start to see the benefits of a higher resolution with a much bigger TV. That doesn't mean that a tv with 1080p will have a better picture, it will have a better resolution but if the quality of TV is not good then the picture may look worse, example:
digital camera 5 mega pixels
Camera Phone 7 or 8 mega pixels.
The Digital camera picture will be a lot better.

So its lots of other things that make a good picture!
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