VIEWSONIC Q19WB 19" £99.97 + LG L194WS 19" £91.97 + AOC MW19E 19 INSTORE ONLY £79.97, EDIT: PRICE RAISED ON 2 MONITORS
VIEWSONIC Q19WB 19" £99.97 + LG L194WS 19" £91.97 + AOC MW19E 19 INSTORE ONLY £79.97, EDIT: PRICE RAISED ON 2 MONITORS

VIEWSONIC Q19WB 19" £99.97 + LG L194WS 19" £91.97 + AOC MW19E 19 INSTORE ONLY £79.97, EDIT: PRICE RAISED ON 2 MONITORS

Buy forBuy forBuy for£79.97
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19 inches Monitor Tube Size
0.285 mm Dot Pitch
Plug & Play
Flat Screen

TFT - Active Matrix WXGA+ LCD
Display Area - 19 inch
True Resolution - 1440x900
Contrast Ratio - 700:1 (typ)
Brightness - 300 cd/m2 (typ)
Viewing Angle - 160° horizontal, 160° vertical (CR>10)
Response Time - 5ms
Panel Surface - Anti-glare

full specification can be found here


Didnt see the LG and AOC monitors so have also added them now:

Specification: LG L194WS

19" Viewable Screen Size
1440x900 Maximum Resolution
5msec Response Rate
300cd/m2 Brightness

Specification: AOC MW19E 19

19" Viewable Screen Size
5msec Response Rate
300cd/m2 Brightness
800:1 Contrast Ratio

These pc world web addresses are way too long, and they cut off whenever i paste it on here so heres the product code, just simple copy and paste it into pcworld's search box

LG Product code - 724555
AOC Product code - 202723


Another good find :thumbsup:

Should change the pic though its showing the acer as last post?

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Viewsonic Q19wb






Original Poster

it wont change lol, can a mod please sort it out for me, ive tried changing it 5 times now,

Is there a pattern appearing to your posts tonight :whistling::thumbsup:

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no more posts from me tonight mate

Doesnt state response time anybody know ?

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Have also added 2 more monitors at the same price these are also the same size as the viewsonic, just incase you cant find any viewsonics near you.

Can't find any of em.

anything with .97 at the end at pc world is clearence. get em while you can

Another great deal. I bought a 19" widescreen from Ebuyer other week for £80 all in and thought that was good but that is a no name type so this is a great deal for branded stuff!

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these definately are instock at pcworld, its a matter of which ones have got them, i did a quick scan for different areas and i managed to find all 3 monitors in stock at different branches. so dont give up hope and rely on what the comments are being said on here. hack a quick look you might have one local.

no stock near me!

Which stores did you fond them in blineboy.

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birmingham, grimsby, truro, did about 5 searches an hour or 2 ago and got these so theres prob others out there, i saved the prints just incase i forgot where i saw which model




Edit: if there isnt anything at these locations then i guess theyve been snapped up, as i checked the 22" model again today and out of the 9 results of stores near to me, 2 green ticks have become red crosses, now theres only one, whereas yesterday night there were 3.

Muhahahahaaa! Reserved the AOC at PCW Birmingham got there and was told this was out of stock, was well P1$$£0. But they told me Currys Walsall had some in their stock.
Cut a long story short, it was ex-display (Pristine condition with warranty) got it for £45!

Original Poster

good job, even more of a bargain :thumbsup:

Cristchurch, Dorset have 2 of the AOC screens, but both are ex-display and no further reduction was being given when i asked so i walked away.
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