Viewsonic VP2468 24 inch IPS monitor @£199.99 lightning deal on Amazon.

Viewsonic VP2468 24 inch IPS monitor @£199.99 lightning deal on Amazon.

£199.99Amazon Deals
Found 27th Nov 2017Edited by:"gummby"
Viewsonic 24 inch IPS monitor @£199.99 lightning deal on Amazon. LED 90khz monitor. 1080p.

About 40-50 pounds cheaper than elsewhere. Not a gaming monitor but great for casual pc users who game a bit after work. Colours should be amazing.
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4% claimed on Amazon lightning deal. Thoughts? TN v IPS.

Reviews seem reasonable online.
All I know my 19" view sonic at work was absolutely brilliant for the money.

Now have an X34
Added the model number to the title. I am really tempted.
I'd rather just buy 144hz anyway, they're the same price and some cheaper.
I don't see what makes this special. At this price I'd expect 144hz (TN) or 1440p IPS. I suppose it is precalibrated but that has limited use for most users.
I think one of the key things is the colour accuracy.
Delta E<2 colour accuracy delivers stunning colour reproduction

You are probably right. For a general use monitor I might be better finding something different. For professional use at this price it will beat many higher end models based on the colours.

Need to think a bit more about what I want to buy here.
Edited by: "gummby" 27th Nov 2017
Voted hot but it's a very niche product.
For everyone commenting on the value of this model in relation to the colour calibration, take note - it is compatible with hardware calibration tools but these are NOT INCLUDED and would need to be purchased separately.

So for the kind of calibration that is implied by the product description, you would need to spend an additional £200 ish or more on the calibration hardware.
It's expired now. For the right person this would of been a good deal.
It is pre-calibrated already. I ordered one and it comes with a calibration report. Also this is the info from their website:

Every VP2468 is pre-calibrated with an individual colour calibration report included from the factory. Each report gives users a readout of the following; sRGB mode, REC709, EBU, SMPTE-C and a uniformity report, giving users 10 more additional items than typical colour reports. In addition, the time spent fine-tuning the VP2468 is four times longer than other competing brands, bringing our users the highest quality possible in colour calibration.
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