Vigin Lobster 700TV mobile

Vigin Lobster 700TV mobile

Found 15th Jan 2007
First post, couldn't resist!

Get a virgin Lobster mobile phone, the one you can watch TV on without needing a 3G contract. works using DAB systems (I think)

and I've been informed you can get a further 10% off using quidco


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Thanks for your first post/deal

Have you tried this? :? :?

yep, it works ;-)

the phone does indeed use a DAB receiver for both radio and TV functions. it is brilliant (IMO), just beware it is not a tiny handset, so long as you can live with that, unbeatable value and features...

According to info in the links if you buy the phone on pay and go you only get the TV service free for 90 days then you have to pay raound £5 per month to get access to it but the Tv service is free if you have the phone on contract
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