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First post please be gentle...

Spotted a pricing error where the 'IKEA FAMILY' price is £8.99 (it's free to register as an ikea family member), whereas the standard price is £75. After phoning IKEA customer services, i was told it was a pricing error on the website but if i took a printout to the store they would honour the price.

After visiting customer services in store (Wednesbury), i was told to go and purchase the item at full price and then come back to them. I did this and got a cash refund of £66.01. Total cost of item £8.99.

Maybe they will correct this error soon, but it's still on the site at the time of posting. And they are open till 10pm. There were 3 left on the shelf after i took mine.

Key features
Create a table with a personal touch; legs, trestles and storage are available in different designs.
Stainless steel; gives a strong and durable surface that is easy to keep clean.
Pre-drilled holes for legs, for easy assembly.

IKEA of Sweden

Assembled size
Length: 150 cm
Width: 75 cm
Thickness: 4.0 cm


dont really need 1 of these but a good spot.
bit of advice for anyone buying it, buy it with cash otherwise you may have to wait a few days for them to put the money back on your card (even though they are quick enough taking it out)

Great price, shame I don't need one!

Great first post, heat and rep added
Just as i need a desk too

I did this with a mis priced oven, the refund appeared along with the purchase both took three days to go onto my card. I have printed mine off and will go and get one tomorrow, wish me luck!

Now back up to £75.00:cry:

LOL !!!
IKEA won't even honour the prices that they have mistakenly made in the store despite going back to the item display AND getting the price card from it to bring to the till.
Very good luck


Now back up to £75.00:cry:

No its not, you need to look at the Ikea Family price in orange below the full price, that is what you are utilising.


No its not, you need to look at the Ikea Family price in orange below the … No its not, you need to look at the Ikea Family price in orange below the full price, that is what you are utilising.

Yes that is correct, it is showing the same as yesterday, cheaper price is for IKEA Family members, and it is free to join, as OP says

Just came back from ikea Wembley... Success!

IKEA sucks, please everyone who can, utilise this deal and sc*ew them over!!!

I can't thank you enough for this Petecod. I went to customer services to order these (they were at external collection warehouse), I checked that the price would be the family price. I showed her the screen grab, and she said, its fine, it'll come off at checkout where you need to pay for them. I went to checkout and of course the discount didn't work so the same CS advisor came to sort out the transaction. I ended up paying the full price at the tills but then a quick trip to CS with her and she put it back on my card. She took the screen grab to put in the till in case of any questions. She also wrote on the receipt that the tables were £8.99 due to a pricing error and difference had been refunded.
Now I know some of you are going to jump up and down because I bought 6 BUT I am building a teaching studio late this year / early next and I would've been buying these tables then anyway - I just thought it was worth getting in early. I won't be selling to profit from them!

Anyway, best bit of the story now. We went to the ext. Warehouse to collect them but they could only find 5. So they refunded me for the missing item - but she refunded me £75! Profit + 5 table tops = RESULT! She had seen the writing on the receipt, put a line through it and wrote `refund x1'. What can you do when they ignore what their collegues write eh?

Thank you so much OP

PS: Warrington have 2 left in stock but they can't find them, if anyone is planning to try there....

I did get 2 from Croydon:whistling:.......Thanks OP:thumbsup:

Original Poster

beadysamuk, you're welcome. glad to help. Seems you got paid to take em away!

By the way we went back to Wednesbury ikea today, there are still 2 left on the shelf.

Dont need a tabletop but good spot and well done for posting it :thumbsup:


I managed to get four from Leeds Yesterday. But they weren't happy and didn't really want to honor it!
I had to state that friends had already got the deal at other branches. I went to Customer Services/Returns first and showed them the website page printout. After a lot of muttering, looking at me like I was a convict and saying 'that must be wrong', 'no that's not right.....' etc They just said to goto the checkout and use my Family Card.
I Entered the store through the checkout side and went straight to a gut at a terminal and asked for four of the table tops. Showed him the printout... Again I got the this isn't right comments, he showed all his workmates and checked it on the internet. He didn't want to let it go until I blagged that other people had got them at that price.. He said ' Not here they haven't', 'It's the first time I have seen this!'. Eventually he begrudgingly printed out the order. He marked the printout for adjustment at Customer services.
I had to pay full price at the till & claim the money back at returns (again they mumbled, shook their heads and made me feel like I was robbing them. (£66.01 refunded on each)
Then off I went to the Warehouse to collect them after waiting 10 minutes.
Result at last!
So Good luck and persevere!
Rep + Heat added!

Just noticed the Family Card price has been removed now so I guess that's it folks!

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