Viking Pro Racing Bike

Viking Pro Racing Bike

Found 26th Dec 2014
Seems like a good deal for a starter bike; just select the size and price will be dropped to £99.99!
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I bought this bike 2nd hand for £99. I've been riding it every day for 2 years & it has been brill. This is an amazing deal new IMO.
About what it's 14KG or so is worth
It is a starter bike, not intended for someone who owns a £2k one... It is a good bike with good value, if like me you are unsure if you would adapt your self to change a car for a bike, go for it and do the test. At least if you regret it you won't be in much loss

This bike is good but please, don't compare it to expensive ones as this is just a SIMPLE bike.
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A good point, well made, LadyEleanor." alt="" />

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the best bike in the world is one that gets ridden ,ride the wheels of it skip it then buy something better
Good price for a basic bike, just debating if I should or not.
Great bike for a starter. Shame about the "qaulity" spelling in the Amazon description.
wow, amazing how they got it so cheap! I'm sire it won't be perfect but its £99. you can't complain
Viking make BSOs and this is likely no different.

The gearing is utterly awful for a starter though. It has a double crankset, rather than a compact double. Combined with only a 7 speed cassette which is a freewheel rather than a more modern (last 20 years!) freehub, this will make the gearing rather too high for the sort of person this bike MIGHT be aimed at (ie. a beginner).

I like this review............

'Too bad this bike more When there balls that contain the corrupted and shake the rear wheel and the pedals were broken! lifting 100 pounds and reach and I've paid them on a place I can not complain at all Amazon is not a good shopping from this site will not do I have to take my bike repaired five times a month to arm'
Think the price is now 150+.
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