Viking SD1GB Hi-Speed (66x) Memory Card (£22.98)

Viking SD1GB Hi-Speed (66x) Memory Card (£22.98)

Found 4th Nov 2006
Hi-speed 1GB SD card

Massive 1GB capacity. Store up to 300 more hi-res pictures. 66 times faster than a standard card. Boost the memory of your digital camera with this tiny SD memory card with a massive 1GB of space. Digital cameras come with a very small capacity, but with our super-sized memory you can snap away again and again without worrying about running out of space. It will keep up with the speed of your camera so you can use it at its full potential, taking continuous shots without having to wait for it to store the last picture. Additionally it is perfect for video recording, where lots of data needs to be saved quickly. It's so easy to use, all you have to do is slip it into the slot in your camera. When youve finished, all the data can be transferred to your computer via a card reader or cable link for easy viewing and editing.


Remember P&P is £4.99.

Looks like the same thing is in Ebuyer for £14.70 delivered.

Unfortunately, that isn't really a good deal at all.…2GB]

nuker, I've included the delivery charge in your first post as well. For something like this - while it may be a good price to start with, that delivery charge just makes it very uncompetitive, as shown above.

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