Vileda SO1 Electronic Broom Thingy - £14.99 down from £29.99 in store only

Vileda SO1 Electronic Broom Thingy - £14.99 down from £29.99 in store only

Found 16th Jan 2009
Hey all, dont expect this to go that hot but I was waltzing around tesco tonight and found one of these rechargeable electronic brush things. Had to buy one, and it is awesome, so easier than gettin the dyson out all the time. !! -

It has a large handle, dust / debris collection tray, and comes with charger for 60 mins of brooming time!!

These are similar to ones that are at cheapest £30, so get one now!! cant see this online so think its instore only!
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A thingy?? I love it. Good price also.
What a bargain.
Electric Thingy with rechargeable electronic brush things.Brilliant!
i was looking for a thingy the other day. i found a thingy for £10 but they had no stock of thingies left. in the end i decided to pay over the odds for a thingy, but i dont feel bad about it because everyone needs a thingy.
Excellent product, even picks up sawdust which with two guinea pigs deciding to through sawdust out of their cage at night is a god send.
Everyone should have a thingy. Good find. Hope my local has some left !!!!
im glad everyone likes a good thingy, i dont know what i would do without mine!
i hope my local tesco have theses thingys left, my mum wants one....
Just picked one of these up today for the inlaws caravan. It folds more or less flat so can be stored under one of the beds.
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