Vileda SuperMocio 3 Action mop £3.00, Refill £1.75, Vileda Mop Bucket £3.00 @ Wilko

Vileda SuperMocio 3 Action mop £3.00, Refill £1.75, Vileda Mop Bucket £3.00 @ Wilko

Found 15th May 2016
Half Price @ Wilko Online & Instore
Vileda SuperVileda SuperMocio 3 Action mop £3.00 was £6.00
Vileda Mop Bucket £3.00 Was £6.00
Vileda SuperMocia 3 Action Refill £1.75 was £3.50
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Excellent find op, heat added Thank you for the post
good find op, heat added
Wonderful; used these since I used to live in Spain in the 1990s.
Thank you. This is what i was waiting for
Heat added
The price is good but they are a false economy if using them every day, the plastic is **** & the pole for the mop is mild steel & snaps after a little while.

Can only recommend to buy a decent aluminium pole (about £5) & some commercial mop heads if you want to avoid landfill, cracked buckets "folding mops" etc..
(we went back to a galv metal mop bucket, way tougher).

Went through 8+ before we said "no more" to vileda"
their marketing budget ought go into quality improvements
these were similar prices in tesco a few months ago
refill is out of stock now.
The action mop does not work, my wife put it in the kitchen and it didn't move all day.
The pound shop sell the bucket and a mop . Not sure what a 3 action one is though ?
Is that similar to elbow grease ?
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