Vileda Turbo smart mop - £12.50 instore @ Tesco (Winchester)

Vileda Turbo smart mop - £12.50 instore @ Tesco (Winchester)

LocalFound 14th Oct 2018
Found in Tesco Winchester,they have since added a few more and as of this afternoon there were about 12 left.
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When the turbo kicks in...just watch the back end.
Ive been watching the backend this afternoon when the wife opened her present and moped the floor with it.
i got this the other day...looks fancy and like the foot pedal thing, but its got a useless mop head!! not impressed used twice and looks like i've had it months
I take it that this isn't smart in the same way that other things are labelled smart? I.e. it isn't going to start doing the mopping for you?
Been this price for a while... come on it’s a mop and bucket!! FFS!!
Valentine's day present sorted. Thanks!
Last time they had this similar brand for sale (I believe it was last year) was the much better version of this, I managed to get it for £7.50, it was slightly bigger than this version however does the job much better in terms of bucket size and mop head. This seems like the cheaper version of the original one. I'd personally pay £6 for this.
litwoojczyznomoj10 h, 15 m ago

Valentine's day present sorted. Thanks!

Bet you dont keep it secret long enough.
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