Vincent Price  - The Price Of Fear (21 Radio Shows)  - Free Downloads @ Old Time Radio

Vincent Price - The Price Of Fear (21 Radio Shows) - Free Downloads @ Old Time Radio

Found 26th Apr 2017
The Price of Fear was a 1970 horror and mystery show on BBC that featured American actor Vincent Leonard Price, Jr., or popularly known as Vincent Price. Believed to be highlight of Price’s radio career, the show had a total of 22 episodes, some of which featured adventure stories where Price played as himself, while some just had him introduce the story of the week. The show had a lot of writers, and among them, of course, was no other than Vincent Price himself.

Here is a list of the available episodes to download with their original broadcast dates.

Please enjoy these 21 old time radio episodes:

09.01.1973 \x09remains to be seen \x09

09.08.1973 \x09price of fear (102) william and mary \x09

09.15.1973 \x09price of fear (103) cat's cradle \x09

09.22.1973 \x09price of fear (104) meeting in athens \x09

09.29.1973 \x09price of fear (105) the man who hated scenes \x09

10.06.1973 \x09price of fear (106) lot 132 \x09

10.13.1973 \x09price of fear (107) waxwork \x09
10.20.1973 \x09price of fear (108) fish \x09

10.27.1973 \x09price of fear (109) soul music \x09

11.17.1973 \x09price of fear (110) guy fawkes day \x09

04.06.1974 \x09price of fear (201) come as you are \x09

04.13.1974 \x09price of fear (202) specialty of the house \x09

04.20.1974 \x09price of fear (203) the ninth removal \x09

04.27.1974 \x09price of fear (204) blind man's bluff \x09

05.04.1974 \x09price of fear (205) an eye for an eye \x09

05.30.1983 \x09price of fear (301) goody two shoes \x09

06.07.1983 \x09price of fear (302) to my dear dear saladin \x09

06.13.1983 \x09price of fear (303) family album \x09

06.20.1983 \x09price of fear (304) out of the mouths \x09

06.27.1983 \x09price of fear (305) not wanted on voyage \x09

07.04.1983 \x09price of fear (306) is anybody there \x09

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Thanks Boz - soon as my phones got enough charge I'm downloading this to listen to on my commutes to work.
I'm too scared to download!

I'm too scared to download!

Heat added! Thanks for sharing!
Sounds like Richard (Clive Swift) from Keeping Up Appearances in the first episode.
Interesting play on words there?, Vincent 'Price', The 'Price' Of Fear ...

Maybe I'll Deed Poll my monika Amour3k handle.

Then wait for The Romancing The Stone sequel, eg. Amouring The Stone!, then tag it via that?. :-)

A guaranteed smash I reckon ... hehehe. ;-)
nice one - sounds cracker.
If horror ever had a voice, it would sound like Vincent Price.
Cheers OP.
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