Viners Blade 12 Piece Knife Block Set - £14.99 RRP £70 @ Home Bargains instore

Viners Blade 12 Piece Knife Block Set - £14.99 RRP £70 @ Home Bargains instore

Found 13th Jun 2014
Spotted these today in HB. Viners website sells for £35 so this looks to be a good price. No idea on quality but Viners is usually pretty good.

They also had cutlery packs and steak knife sets with big reductions from Viners.

This 5 piece knife set is the perfect range of knives to suit all your cooking needs and comes with a pine wood block that compliments any contemporary kitchen.

This set consists of: 8" Chefs Knife x 1 Dimensions; Length 315mm
8" Slicer x1 Dimensions; Length 315mm
6" Boning Knife x 1 Dimensions; Length 270mm
5" Utility Knife x 1 Dimensions; Length 225mm
3.5" paring knife x 1 Dimensions; Length 180mm
4.5" Steak Knife x 1 Dimensions; Length 210mm
Kitchen Scissor x 1 Dimensions; Length 215mm
Pine Wood Block x 1
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Good price, but having bought a Viners Knife set before I must they were very disappointing, certainly didn't cut smoothly or cleanly.I guess Viners is another old established brand that is trading on it's name now, rather than it's quality, although these are a different set, so could be OK.
total junk
No serial killer or burglar jokes? Disappointed :\
Someone broke into my house yesterday, he didnt take anything but he smashed up all of my cornflakes. I think he was more of a cereal killer than a burglar to be honest
i agree o/h loves the jamie oliver ones we got on offer to replace the viners. No longer quality sadly
Yea I have these, they are ok but not exactly a clear cut. Ok for this price but I'm looking to buy a decent set in the future.
£15 is probably about right. The RRP of £70 is made up, £35 is what Viners sell them for 'full price', and they probably drop them to £15 on offer. Never buy any Viners stuff full price - as others have said, the quality just isn't there.
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