Viners Darwin 88 Piece Cutlery Canteen for £45.00 @ Viners

Viners Darwin 88 Piece Cutlery Canteen for £45.00 @ Viners

Found 13th Sep 2013
Looks like a decent price for a good set.

Description from the site:

Elegant and classic the Darwin 88 Piece Cutlery Canteen adds an element of glamour to any place setting. This collection of cutlery, with it's mirror finish, make it the perfect present or first buy for those setting up home or looking for a complete change of cutlery.
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Hot from me - just got a 12 seater table for the dining room - ORDERED
32 piece is £27
I recently ordered the Viners set posted here and I regretted it.…517

I ended up returning them on the same day at my own expense. They looked bad, felt cheap and the packaging was a complete joke - it was so bad that I actually returned them in a different box. I wish that I'd listened to those who posted on the last thread.
I also returned the above set back to Viners but at their expense as the quality was terrible. Have to say that their customer service was excellent and a refund was processed immediately.
Cold - because it's Viners, and Viners is now junk-cutlery. See posts immediately above this one. Cheaply made cutlery worth - possibly - the £45 charged. Or, more likely, not.

Be prepared to send it back at your own expense when you discover what rubbish it is.
I bought the 100 piece for £40 which I thought was a good price for the quantity. They aren't the best quality but they are extras for when I have parties and need buffet cutlery.
Is everyone unhappy with the Darwin or the bead or both?
I bought Darwin and I am happy.

This is not £300 cutlery, quality is "ok" but for the price its good - less than 50p an item for a decent looking set. We don't intend to use it daily or dishwasher it all the time, so for a large set for when we have a need for so many place settings its perfect...
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