Viners Glitch: 35 Pieces Anchor Hocking Cutlery £8.95 Delievered

Viners Glitch: 35 Pieces Anchor Hocking Cutlery £8.95 Delievered

Found 8th Jan 2014
Ok, This takes a bit of effort (ok it takes a LOT of effort)!

Viners currently have a couple of offers on and its possible to exploit a glitch in the site meaning you can get double discount and end up with 35 pieces of cutlery and a wooden spoon for £8.95 delivered.

The offers are £20 off a £40 spend, and £15 off 35 items of Anchor Hocking Harley Cutlery. You NEED TO FOLOW THE STEPS BELOW or otherwise the glitch won't work:

1) Add any high value (above £35) to your basket. It doesn't matter what, as ong as its £35+. You won't be ordering this item so add anything. I added this cutlery set:…tml

2) Add a low value item for £5 or more to your basket. You will end up ordering this item, so if you can make it something you want all the better. It must be at least £5, to make your oder £40. A £5 item I used is this wooden spoon:…tml

3) Now go to your basket, in the promotion code box enter: VINERSCHRISTMAS. This will take £20 off your order.

4) Now you add the cutlery you want to order. It MUST be from the Anchor Hocking Harley range:…=24 You MUST add 35 pieces only. You can mix and match as long as they are all Harley range and there is 35. I added 10 knives, 10forks, 10 spoons and 5 tea spoons.

5) Go back to your basket, you should now have your 2 items from steps 1 and 2, as well as all your cutlery. You should also have £35.00 discounts coming off.

6) Remove the high value item from step 1. This should leave you with your 35 pieces of cutlery and your £5 item. However it should also leave you with £35 discount, leaving the total as £8.95 delivered!

7) Order

I ordered 4 days ago, and my stuff was despatched today. Now I know the quality of Viners stuff is hotly debated on HUKD, but 35 pieces for £9 can't be bad! Its also worth pointing out from previous deals, Viners aren't great when they get high volume orders, so I'd advise using paypal so that if it goes wrong you can dispute with them!

Don't forget 5% Cashback if using
- Excalibur

Or 10% cashback through
- bagand96

Update: No need to order a separate £5+ item or remove the high value item. HUKD member Tyler Durden (post #138) has successfully ordered 6 of each of the Anchor Hockley Harley cutlery - 7 types (total 42 pieces) making the total £7.95 including the £3.95 p&p. Could try lowering it to 40 pieces to see if it becomes a total of £5.95 only.

- Excalibur

UPDATE: to follow on from the above.... It seems adding any 42 items from the Harley range will give an £18 discount; and the basket will also accept the VINERSCHRISTMAS code without having to add anything else. 42 items for £7.95! Only seems to work with 42 items. Thanks to Tyler Durden (post #138) and Excalibur.
- bagand96
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heat for effort in explaining post

heat for effort in explaining post

added heat and nothing happened?
From my email conformation:

Edited by: "bagand96" 8th Jan 2014
Did this with the glitch on anchor hocking Harley before Christmas be warned they rust easily
Also worth noting, this is a glitch so no telling how long it will last and if they'll honour it, although my order from a few days back has been despatched!

Did this with the glitch on anchor hocking Harley before Christmas be … Did this with the glitch on anchor hocking Harley before Christmas be warned they rust easily

Same here, not worth £1
Im trying thanks x
Worth a go!
Their stuff does look okay but to be honest I don't need any spoons and so on so if this worked on other things it would be even better.

People who needs spoons etc. this is a good deal although I'm not sure of the quality as I haven't used the few I ordered before (different design).

Hopefully there's be a way to use this on other items.

Personally I am happy with my set from Wilkos. Cost a few pounds and last years and look good lol. Voting hot for the deal.
Nope not working
Going to try again
Wow! Thanks ordered
Thanks OP, was after a spare set so happy with this price even if the quality is debatable.
Be aware that if the stock runs out they wait an age to tell you and refund then blame seasonal increase in demand as an excuse. Took me four phone calls on the last glitch to get a refund for a saucepan set that went out of stock - they sent the remainder of the order but no notification about the pan set so i wondered if it had gone awol on delivery.
it's working
Worked for me!! Thanks!!

Going to try again

It is working; but you need to follow the steps exactly.
Website now sooooo sloooooow
Website down??
The website is down atm
Website has crashed...
I've broken a website! That's a first
I don't need these, but they're so SHINY! want want want
Just don't put them in the dishwasher
Finally ordered! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Mines almost there xxxxxxxxxxxx
Not impressed with viners cutlery at all. The set I bought said dishwasher safe but tarnished badly. For decent cutlery, TK Maxx often have reasonably priced sets which will last you a lot longer.
Send a link plz
Paypal taking ages too so looks abit Iffy !
Nice stuff.
No sets showing on the website, only single items.
need a link for something over £35 please
Only getting £32 discount ????
Thank you anyway fingers crossed
got vines cutlery seems ok
got viners cutlery seems ok
not working
Great deal heat added. Ordered mine hope it arrives.
Thanks for the deal bagand96
Finally managed to checkout. Gave up on the laptop, iPad worked a treat.
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