Viners Ribbon Cutlery Set 44 Piece  Web price £120. £23.45 delivered with code

Viners Ribbon Cutlery Set 44 Piece Web price £120. £23.45 delivered with code

Found 3rd Dec 2013
This elegant 44 piece 'Ribbon' cutlery set is made from stainless steel with a beautiful mirror finish.

The set consists of:
Dinner Knife x 6 - Dimensions: 227mm
Dinner Fork x 6 - Dimensions: 200mm
Dessert Knife x 6 - Dimensions 178mm
Dessert Fork x 6 - Dimensions 178mm
Dessert Spoon x 6 - Dimension 178mm
Soupspoon x 6 - Dimensions 174mm
Teaspoon x 6 - Dimensions 139mm
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Code cyber50 for a further 50% discount also spend over £25 and get free delivery
£23.45... pretty good deal for some decently weighted cutlery...
Edited by: "jonb2412" 3rd Dec 2013
Fake, inflated RRP, as always with Viners and poor quality cutlery. Posibly, but not necessarily worth the £23.45 price. Check out the other HUKD threads for disappointed customers receiving low quality cutlery.
Dont forget Topcashback too (10.5%)
does Viners ever sell at full price ?
About the the right price , this is not hot .
Nuff Said

does Viners ever sell at full price ?

No - their pricing is fake. Low quality cutlery, and you pay exactly what it's worth. They always make it look like a bargain and suckers always fall for it.
Got mine today. I definitely disagree with Newbold. It's clearly not worth £120, but for £19 it's pretty great. The cutlery has a decent weight to it and a nice balance. I don't really know good cutlery from bad though. What I do know is I just bought a full 6 place setting of cutlery that I like for £19. That is a deal that I'm unlikely to find anywhere else.

Most of the stuff I ordered seems decent enough to be honest. The 3 pan set is the weakest bit (the one that's still on offer now) as they seem a bit light and thin and fragile. They cost me £7.50 though, so I can't grumble really. The Sauté pan and griddle pan are really nice, especially considering the price. The other bits (baking trays, sheets, dishes) are exactly as I would have expected. For the prices I paid, definitely a very hot deal.
Code didn't work for me??
Code doesn't work
Think this needs expiring as the code doesn't work any more
Ordered something from them a month ago and they cancelled the order just today... After almost a month waiting for delivery. They also charged my credit card twice and haven't refunded yet...
Beware that their systems are slow and you could end up like myself... Head to TK Maxx, my local one is full of Viners Cutlery sets under £20
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