Viners snowflake 16 piece dinner set - buy one get one free! Total = £16!!

Viners snowflake 16 piece dinner set - buy one get one free! Total = £16!!

Found 11th Dec 2009
I already have this snowflake 16 piece dinner set but wanted to get another set. This time you get one free! It is £20 for 2 sets but using the 20% off discount code: VINERS20, it brings the total to £16 which is a bargain for 2 dinner sets. The set is very lovely and great for Christmas when you have your roast! RRP £70


Creating the perfect setting for a family dinner is as much about the presentation as it is the food. Serve your guests in style with this stunning dinner set made from porcelain with a contemporary metallic snowflake design. Set contains 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs.
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great deal
awesome. only 50p per item means i can give some cheap christmas cheer
Just ordered and they didn't even charge shipping.
Good one.
Nice deal, but not sure I actually need this... Had thought it would make a nice gift, but don't know what someone would say if I gave them this for Christmas... :oops:

Don't forget Topcashback at 10%, and probably others too.
I forgot, but still happy.
Great deal, was going to order then thought to myself do I really need these! :thinking:
Heat added
does anyone know if it is dishwasher safe, the last thing I need at christmas is to do the washing up lol
I bought this for next to nowt after Xmas last year and got it out a couple of weeks ago. It's canny but the cups and prone to chipping at the edges.
They are dishwasher safe but the siver snowflake pattern gets a bit scratchy on very close inspection.
Well worth the money though for something different at Christmas.

Fab, just what I needed! Great find.:santa:
I saw there in the outlet at Bicester Village about 2 months ago. They were selling for £12.60 a set so this is a great deal. I didn't buy them because I assumed they weren't microwavable due to the silver pattern.
would buy if it said they were microwavable!
looking at their web site, these sets should def not go in a microwave as it says:

Do not put any piece with gold or silver decoration into the microwave; the reaction of the metals may cause sparks and / or deterioration of the decoration.

take from product care link:…tml

why you would want to put a plate, mug or bowl into a microwave, I don't know... :?
Nice.. just in time for xmas..

Heat added.. Just remember not to heat your mince pies on these plates
thanks for this great deal :thumbsup:
HDUK customers cause another website to go down!!

Thought I'd be sneaky and try phoning to order, she says there website is having problems and can't take orders!

never mind, just saved myself £16, though christmas dinner will be on the usual non posh plates
It was showing -18 and now gone up to -20, it looks like they may have sold more then they have stock.
An okay deal if you need 2 sets, or know someone else who wanted one.

However, we bought this set at Collectables (Metro Centre) a week or so ago, for £9.99.
where's the add to basket button, or is it sold out.
good deal.over christmas,you could never use it in the summer an it looks abit cheap imo...good price tho!
I only just bought this and had it delivered on Wednesday. I've just emailed them to see if they will refund me the cost of one of the sets- I'll be surprised if they do :x
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