Vini and Bals Indian sauces 39p @ Heron Foods

Vini and Bals Indian sauces 39p @ Heron Foods

LocalFound 10th Oct 2017
spotted in sheffield jordanthorpe
39p each
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Never seen these before is it a good brand cheap or a cheap brand? Anybody tried it
I have not tried it yet but they are £3 each on their website and went on dragons den.
Are these any good ?
Mind you a 39p should be worth a punt for people in Sheffield.
Same in Bradford
These are great. I used to get them from Morrissons, but they stopped selling them unfortunately.
This is good stuff. Worth much more than 39p
Got them in Horncastle and Skegness. I've not tried them yet, but judging by the ingredients list they should be OK.
I've just posted this and hadn't realised someone already had! I got a few today. Fab price as RRP is like £3+
Bought loads of them for 39p what a steal and yep £3 on the site.Lo e the packaging fuss free but sauce looks nice.
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