Virgin Media Broadband Free upgrade from 4Mb to 10Mb
Virgin Media Broadband Free upgrade from 4Mb to 10Mb

Virgin Media Broadband Free upgrade from 4Mb to 10Mb

Virgin Media are finally getting round to upgrading their "LARGE" Broadband customers from 4Mb to 10Mb. Upstream will be increasing to 512kb. For existing customers keep an eye out for a letter or email to tell you when your area will be upgraded.

"Fasten your seatbelt your Virgin Broadband service is about to get a whole lot faster!

Were giving our size:L broadband a boost from 4Mb to a super-fast 10Mb. Thats over double the speed. Best of all, it doesnt cost a penny more!

Sound good? Heres what youll be able to do:

Download a music track in 4 seconds
Download an album in under a minute
Download an entire TV show in around 5 minutes

Whats more, upload speeds are increasing to 512kb so if you post pictures online, update a blog, or just email, itll all happen quicker than before!

When will you get the boost?

Were upgrading our speeds area-by-area. Well soon be posting a plan online so you can see when itll be happening where you live. All areas will be upgraded by the summer.

What happens next?

Its simple well take care of everything, so you dont need to do a thing. We will be sending out communications by post and by email over the coming weeks to give you further information!"


what about for 2mb customers???

i had given up on this!! must be a year since they said they would do it.

And then the troubles will begin. :x

I was on perfect 10mb broadband until Virgin took over and upgraded to 20mb.

Now my download speeds are anywhere between 200-1,200kb/sec. They should be 2,000+kb/sec. This isn't the traffic management kicking in from the 3.5gb limit between 4pm and midnight. This poor speed is anytime and from the first 1mb of download.

I've reported this every few weeks since early October and they've more or less told me, it's due to lack of investment in equipment. ie. My problem cost £5K to fix, I'm only worth £500 to them so your stuffed.

If it wasn't for my heavily discounted packge, refunds and other perks :whistling: I'd have sold my sole to the devil and gone with Sky.

i must agree with w1zz
i was on 10 mb and it was good since it went to 20
my service has been complete rubbish it isn't worth the extra

i hope the switch from 4 to 10 works better

[FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Blue"]What about customers on the XL package with 2mb broadband??[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :-(

As an example, see the 2 merged screenshots:

Top is downloading from Newsgroups - On 10mb it was getting constant 1,100+kb/sec constant. Today @ 16:15, with my 20mb I'm getting 501kb/sec. The 4gig waiting to be downloaded should take less than 50minutes - It's going to take over 2 hours, so as usual I will give up and save the electric by switching the computer off.

The 2nd example screenshot below - Taken when newsgroup app is stopped. Is downloading 2 files from gamefiles.virginmedia.com - This is Virgins own servers and the only point they claim to guarantee your speed from. This should be the 20mb service I'm paying for.

Today - I'm getting 690kb/sec.

If I had 30mins to waste, I phone em - But I've done that every other week since October so I know I'm banging my head against Bransons Balloon.


And 2MB to 4MB ????

2Mb to 4MB is being looked at.
as for the speed tests use speedtest.net it will give you accurate tests if you use the London server,
sometimes slow speeds can caused by incorrect settings on your router make sure its MTU is set to 1450 for VM,

also to tweak your PC download the 30 day trial of tune up utilities 2008 (found on download.com) and optimize your system it makes a big difference in some cases

I've done all the optimisation as per VirginMedia's 20mb guide virginmedia.com/hel…php

My modem is new, since the 20mb upgrade.

The speed is poor either through router or directly connected to cable modem. This is on both my PC and on laptop.

Speedtest.net results:


I may be wrong but is it not UP TO and not an actual set speed.


I may be wrong but is it not UP TO and not an actual set speed.

The UP TO refers to the internet. The speed supplied from VirginMedias own network to you is the speed that your paying for. It isn't, or rather shouldn't, be like ADSL where you get contention ratio's or distance from exchange influences.

If they're unable to supply the full capacity from their own servers, ie. gamefiles.virginmedia.com to your home, then the UP TO target is impossible to achieve.

At present, I'm getting UPTO about the equivalent of a 6-8mb connection (From their own servers). Before I was upgraded 'FREE' from 10mb to 20mb I was getting 1.2mb/sec 24/7. In otherwords, the FREE 20mb upgrade I had was actually a 2-4mb downgrade.

Lets see what a mess they make of the 50mb service they're rolling out later this year.
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