Virgin Media, get free installation with supplied code.

Virgin Media, get free installation with supplied code.

Found 15th Jul 2010
Just received a letter from virgin, just quote sky switcher offer.
Not sure it you can use it online to get quidco too.

as well as all the standard stuff you receive online like

free HD box
XL TV free for 2 months
free weekend calls
all for £34.99 a month
1st 2 months are £11.99
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not exactly clear what £34.99 gets you after 2 months and link just takes you to virgin media home page

even if its just XL TV and free weekend calls, then £34.99 sounds unbelievably expensive

add on sky sports, movies & broadband and you're looking at £75 per month!
looks to be far cheaper going to their website but suspect it is a glitch as only asking for £11.99 per month for all the above. Maybe I should post it as a deal lol :-

EDIT:- looks like they just havent included the £23 XL TV in with the monthly cost

so basically all this deal gets you is FREE INSTALLATION saving £49 so not so bad but monthly prices are ridiculously high.

No idea how you'd get this deal though as OP is vague.
I get broadband and phone with free evenings +weekends for £11 from v media
Virgin media SUCKS!!

Went to change from sky with a FULL pack as I pay 100.00 per month with sky, went to get a quote and the guy said he would phone me back he needed to get stuff ready, but he never did, phoned back to do the quote with someone who could not speak english, and they advised they would phone me back after the quote was done, they never did, then they called me back 4 days later and offered me the same pack I wanted but at a higher price than before and would not budge, and I told them that last person offered 6 months half price and they advised they dont do 6 months half price.... Told them were to go..... good to see virgin has not changed from NTL.
Beware i have Virgin Media they are notoriously bad especially in areas where the infastructure is antiquated like mine. On hot days they have to open the doors on the grey boxes in the roads to stop them overheating but when they do that the kids pull all the wires out lol. The Broadband goes off for at least 2 hours daily and there catch up tv is ok if you can stand watching a VHS quality picture that hasn't been tracked in properly. You may ask why i'm still with them well just waiting for a BT line to be installed and i'm taking my business elsewhere.

how the hell is this so cold its £50 cheaper than buying it online!!!

i think it might be to do with the title saying all this free stuff when in fact that is the RRP. The only benefit is the free V+HD install.

if it just said "save £49 on V+HD box installation" then it may have gone got

Having said that, there is no info on how to get this apart from you having a leaflet
because its probably still a rip off lol why do virgin want you to take a line out for broadband when its not even adsl, if they didnt charge for a line, i would have subscribed with them
cant be bothered to correct errors lol
VM has the highest phone call charges in the UK (higher than BT) outside your free allowance. If you're thinking of signing with VM, make sure you check all their charges (and they are well hidden on their web site), or you can end up with a very high bill. VM also does BB traffic management, which means it's not really unlimited. VM has been caught out by Trading Standard for lying in advertising before, so make sure you read all their Terms before you sign up.
Virgin are as bad as NTL always were Steer clear

Virgin are as bad as NTL always were Steer clear

couldnt disagree more. Virgin are brilliant now but as mentioned the phone call charges are extortionate.

I just use a mobile instead for outgoing calls.

Virgin are brilliant now but as mentioned the phone call charges are … Virgin are brilliant now but as mentioned the phone call charges are extortionate.I just use a mobile instead for outgoing calls.

Land line rental charges are ridiculous. For my £12/month I can call other Virgin phone users for no extra charge at weekends provided I'm at home. With my £10 mobile contract (including phone) I can make 100 minutes of calls to anyone in the country and send out 300 short messages to a mobile if I just have some info to send them. If my mobile rings I know it's for me not someone else in the house. Much greater convenience and functionality but for £2/month less.

I wonder how much longer it will be before landlines go the way of the telephone kiosk?

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