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Posted 14 January 2023

Virgin Media (O2) SIM 30 day contract - 75GB, Unltd Min/Txt, EU Roaming - £7 p/m for 6 months + £22 Cashback @ Topcashback / Virgin Media

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

If you haven't already bought these value for money Virgin media Sim Deals via MSM or Uswitch, Topcashback Premium now offers upto £22 cashback (£18.70 for Topcashback Standard) on top of 3 months to 6 months half price offers

Link:Virgin Mobile Half Price Deals + Cashback | TopCashback

Top Cashback - Terms & Conditions

What will stop me getting cashback?
  • Using a promotional/voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback.

What else is essential?
  • Cashback will only be paid on New Contracts and not Upgrades.
  • Purchases must be completed immediately and fully online.
  • This merchant calculates cashback excluding VAT, delivery and any other charges.

Virgin Media More details at Virgin Media
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  1. Walletmoth1's avatar
    This is a virgin media sim and runs on the Vodafone network
    KodaBear's avatar
    Virgin Mobile is powered by o2 for all new customers. The few remaining Vodafone based ones are in the process of being migrated over, and Virgin Media have even announced their plans to close the Virgin Mobile brand altogether with everyone going under the o2 umbrella in the not too distant future.
  2. BargainPlease's avatar
    Created TopCashback account, selected the 75GB link then you have to select no on the "do you have broadband or TV" to get the 50% off.

    You would need to deliver to a different address and use a different email if you are already a TV, Broadband, or Mobile customer. Otherwise it lets you get to the end then says it recognises the address and updates the basket taking away 50% discount. (edited)
    Random1234's avatar
    Go to the next page, it will offer 6 months half price (edited)
  3. hurley31's avatar
    I'm guessing you can't port an O2 number over to their network?
    KodaBear's avatar
    For now, you can yes. They are still separate systems that allow porting between each other. But you’ll end up back on o2 in the not too distant future so keep that in mind.
  4. seezyf's avatar
    Didn't think a major network could be so bad. Unusable all over Birmingham for calls and Internet. Only good for volt benefits.
  5. dazaman89's avatar
    Anyone know if you get o2 priority on top of this too?

    Had a look at the link to the deal but it didn't specify.
    crixus's avatar
    All VM mobile customers being migrated to O2 plans at some point this year and then you will be able to use O2 priority.
  6. taiko.786's avatar
    i suppose since its 30 day contract you can leave after 5 months ?
    jnm21's avatar
    Good point - also possible, if unlikely, you could ring up & negotiate.
  7. skipraider's avatar
    I just tested the speed in London E15 and got 18 Mbps on my sky sim (O2), (the three years for £42 deal).
    On my regular Vodafone it is 65 Mbps.
    When I was with Three is was often less than 1 Mbps

    I'm wondering whether to take this deal, i'm paying £16.50 for 100GB atm which will jump up come April by 15% ish.
    rukna2113's avatar
    £12.08 for Vodafone red 100gb mobiles.co.uk/sim…als 12 months via automatic cashback
  8. Onlydongles's avatar
    Good for those who get good O2 signal, which is dire most places these days.
  9. Skol's avatar
    Finally found a worthy deal on EE to ditch o2. They are shockingly bad these days and even when it shows 5G (rarely) it is still pants in comparison to EE 4g.
    Can't recall who posted it but there was an existing BT deal on here that gave 20gb of data for £7.20 with perks at work code for 24months.
    Happy so far. Can only see o2 getting worse now they are importing more people onto an already overcrowded network!
    jnm21's avatar
    Most of the people are already using o2, but still an outside chance it could get worse. o2 is near enough in the 'I wouldn't put a main number on it' group with 3 - if Lebara ever upped prices, I might consider o2 for mum who does not use data.
  10. Onlydongles's avatar
    Getting cheaper for a reason.

    Their marriage is already floundering, about who will provide the investments for new masts and backhaul upgradations.

    Each waiting for the other party to blink.

    Liberty Global too busy milking Virgin BB customers to recover high price paid to Branson. And O2 thinks they are going to be their salvation, without realising American Greed takes precedence over everything else.
    sasuke0's avatar
    Summed up perfectly
  11. gobble_bobble's avatar
    the word on the street that slO2 is just that, SLOW

    You would struggle to use anywhere near 75GB at the 1-3 mbps they currently offer the vast majority of their customers.
    Ashish_Gargqal's avatar
    1-3 mbps ?
    That's too on 5g
    It's true shame.
  12. taiko.786's avatar
    how much after 6 months ?
    RaichuCx's avatar
    2*7=14 pal
  13. AkiBaki's avatar
    Is there any data fair usage of EU roaming?
    I could find “use your data only” only which seems to be good to be true..
  14. Ashish_Gargqal's avatar
    If I buys one of these deals, would I be able to connect to Virgin Media public hotspots to consume free data?
    crixus's avatar
    For now you can but they are getting turned off this year as part of the migration of all VM mobile customers to O2 plans and billing systems (they're already all using O2 network)
  15. HAWS's avatar
  16. burgundii777's avatar
    here comes the "O2 is bad in my area therefore O2 bad" brigade
    KodaBear's avatar
    Independent testing confirms it's basically a nationwide problem at this point.

  17. Ghulam35's avatar
    Can I move from O2 to virgin and keep the same number using PAC code?
    KodaBear's avatar
    For now, yes. They’re still separate systems.
's avatar