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Posted 28 November 2022

Virgin Media / O2 To Give Free Sim Cards To Big Issue Vendors @ Virgin

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Seen it here, Looks like a nice positive move, just in time for xmas

Last year, O2 gave more than 200 Big vendors free data plans, enabling them to take contactless payments, providing vital support at a time when half of magazine sales are via contactless.

This year the company will be offering monthly data to the magazine’s entire network of vendors.

On average, vendors who use contactless make 35% more than those who do not.

By extending this opportunity out to all Big Issue vendors, it will enable and empower them to boost their sales through cashless payments at this vital time of year, as well as being able to access essential online services

Stevie Paterson, from Edinburgh, one of the Big Issue vendors given O2 data last year, said: “The O2 sim was really important to me. It meant I could set myself up on Zettle to accept contactless payments – now, it’s how I sell about half my magazines.”

Big Issue vendor Darren Brown, from Middlesbrough, who was also part of last year’s data rollout, said: “I’ve never been a technology person, but they showed me how to use it and access the internet.

“If a customer is looking for somewhere, I help them with the maps on my phone, and I’ve even had my supermarket shopping delivered.”

Russell Blackman, Big Issue’s managing director of commercial, said: “We are delighted to be continuing our invaluable work with Virgin Media O2, following its successful launch last year.

“By extending this opportunity out to all Big Issue vendors, it will enable and empower them to boost their sales through cashless payments at this vital time of year, as well as being able to access essential online services.

“As the cost-of-living crisis deepens, support for those who might otherwise struggle to connect is vital.”

We know from the success of last year that this connectivity is crucial to facilitating mobile payments in an increasingly cashless society

Gareth Turpin, chief commercial officer at Virgin Media O2, said: “This year we wanted our Christmas campaign to not only help raise awareness of the support available via the National Databank, but to get data into the hands of those facing an unconnected Christmas.

Virgin Media More details at Virgin Media

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  1. Avatar
    Virgin are a terrible company to deal with and so are O2.

    No heat added here
    Most are same, I don’t see much choice
  2. Avatar
    I'm on Three and my missus is on o2. I get data everywhere I go which is in and around Manchester. She has constantly data outages, signal issues, the lot. My mums & stepdads is similar. O2 seem to be on the slide.
    I believe it's because there's a capacity issue around Manchester recently. Basically the cell sites around there are overloaded with too much traffic.
  3. Avatar
    Answering the phone at VM? Nah, customers would think they misdialled & hang up.
  4. Avatar
    I am lost after reading your comment
  5. Avatar
    Where is the deal?
    Just a flex for Virgin / O2
  6. Avatar
    The Selfishness is outstanding in this thread.
    It is sad indeed.
  7. Avatar
    What a great initiative. Glad to see this posted here for anyone who’s selling the big issue or knows someone that is. Thanks for posting @MrSwitch
    Didn't expect the reaction this thread has taken, but appreciate the comments nonetheless (edited)
  8. Avatar
    What a brilliant idea
  9. Avatar
    Yeah Im pretty sure the big issue sellers
    will be "empowered" by this, who writes this nonsense.
  10. Avatar
    We all know big issue vendors are constantly checking HotUkDeals
    Actually, they might. Anyone can be a big issue seller; most have second jobs too (I met one who was a chef at a major hotel). Just saying.
  11. Avatar
    Since my comment pointing out a fact has been deleted I'll just post again to say how amazing this deal is and how incredible it is for virgin to be doing this well done so great fantastic work heat from me!
    I endorse this message
  12. Avatar
    I'm just here to read the 'why is this a deal?' comments.
  13. Avatar
    Why is this not removed or moved to discussions? Not a deal at all and big issue sellers are not visiting HUKD.
    What if some of us here know someone who is selling them?
  14. Avatar
    All over the country like this
  15. Avatar
    “If a customer is looking for somewhere, I help them with the maps on my phone, and I’ve even had my supermarket shopping delivered.”

    what?! (edited)
    I got the first part, but I need a map to the second part.
  16. Avatar
    Only useful if their data network actually works..
    Was with them for 7mths before deciding to terminate early and go back to EE.
  17. Avatar
    This is absolutely brilliant. Hope that is more satisfactory for the HUKD admin
  18. Avatar
    This more congestion on the network
  19. Avatar
    And what will they do with the SIM Cards ? You need a mobile phone to put one in and even then, if you have a Sim Card and a Mobile Phone, there won't be any signal on o2 or Virgin.
  20. Avatar
    That’s terrible and illustrates exactly what’s wrong with this world  

    I Hope you bought a big issue so the poor guy/girl can upgrade to an iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  21. Avatar
    Beeeg Eshooo !
    Maybe the same woman I've seen over the last decade in 3 towns miles apart, must have a different pitch each day, although she chucks please on the end. Already has a card machine because she was arguing with a man outside Waitrose because he said he didn't have his card that day, as he scurried past.
  22. Avatar
    Just watched kingsman, this sounds exactly like valentines plan.
  23. Avatar
    So now Pizza Hut buffet will be packed out with Big Issue sellers
  24. Avatar
    Don’t mind me, just passing through for the comments…
  25. Avatar
    This should be tagged advert for zettle 
  26. Avatar
    So terrible they’re giving them away…
  27. Avatar
    Weird world. Isn't this deal a form of charity and posting it will hopefully help some out? Reckon the pandemic provided how easy it is to go from riches to rags. Could happen to anyone.
  28. Avatar
    Where do I sign up?
  29. Avatar
    So what's the deal? shouldn't this be in discussions - oh wait - posted by HUKD staff - COLD
    Lets face it 200 SIM cards given away is poor
    apparently if we want to have an opinion we need to go see Mr Musk...
  30. Avatar
    Perhaps if they closed their overseas call centres they could employ more people in the UK and they wouldn't need to be on the street selling the big issue.
  31. Avatar
    Does anyone actually buy the Big Issue to read it? Surely it works out better to just give the person some money straight up?

    I see the sellers about but I never carry cash on me. Didn't know they took cards lol