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Posted 12 January 2023

Virgin media sim only, 75GB data £7pm / 100GB data £8pm - half price for 6 months, EU roaming, 1 month contract @ MSM / Virgin Media

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    Not a bad deal but after 6 months the price will go up

    I am desperate to leave three now but I want a deal that is £7/£8 for the full 12 months
    this is one month contract - so take it and use for 6 months - (you can cancel anytime anyway.)
    in the meantime keep looking for what you are after - and switch when you are happy with another offer.
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    Does Virgin still use EE backhaul ? If they use O2, coverage will be very poor, esp for 5G. Beware.
    From what I can gather, they've not used EE since the deal ended towards the end of 2021. They launched 5G via Vodafone back in 2021 but then switched again to O2 at the start of 2022.

    From this, i can only assume VMO2 now uses O2 from Feb '22 onwards. From March '23 it seems they're retiring the VMobile brand by switching everyone to an equiv. O2 plan.
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    I guess this would have data rollover?

    Also when adding the SIM card to basket....there is no mention of the discout! (edited)
    If you click Get deal
    then - select NO for Got Virgin Media TV or broadband in your home?
    If so, you get free unlimited calls to other Virgin Mobile phones

    click Grab this offer - it will show this

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    When I click the link shows £7 but when I go from that site to virgin it shows £14
    You have to click that you're not already with them to get the deal but will they honour the 6 month half price?
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    Or a 50Gb data plan for £6 (£12 full price).

    Includes o2 priority membership account too.
    Yes, posted that yesterday, 3 months half price, this is now 6 months half price.
    Thank you
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    Not sure this would be eligible for O2 priority. I had a quick dig on the website and found this:

    "Our Virgin Mobile plans are 30-day rolling contracts, so you can change things up or down every month. With an O2 12 month sim-only plan, you’ll bag extra benefits, like Priority from O2 and Extras from O2."
    All VM mobile customers being moved to an O2 equivelant plan and billing platform at some point this year so all VM will be able to use O2 priority from when they're switched. Obviously won't help now though
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    Thanks for Posting Sajidtg. I might consider it.
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    Been with Virgin for years and their service has been abysmal since their switch to O2 last year. Used to get 5G no problem, now struggle for 4G which even then is real slow. Has anyone else had similar problems lately? 
    Ever since they have started to use o2 internet been rubbish.. only get speeds of 2mb. They were good when they were using vodaphone but gone downhill
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    Thanks for this! Ended up getting the 50gb for £6 a month for the first 3 months (usually £12) don’t exactly need 100gb data so rather get less & pay less lol
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    Thanks OP, I went for 100GB via TCB and tracked £22 if they payout though it says 3 months. (edited)
    You welcome 🏼
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    Great news! We checked your home address and because you are an existing Virgin Media customer, you’ll get a better deal.
    We've updated your basket by moving you onto alternative plans and updated your prices and discount accordingly.

    Better deal is to charge me £14. I clicked no at the start but put my home address in as SIM needs to go somewhere...
    Yea lol....
    Have to love them for things like this. Even their Phone+BB+TV Retentions teams these days are horrible, last time I phoned the first two refused to stop my service stating their computers were not working - yet they could give me offers (but not the same offers!)... The third agent eventually offerd me a okay-ish deal From £62.25 to £35... Still, if I drop my service fully I can get that down to about £25.. Soooo ready for BT's FTTP service to roll out.
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    If I'm already on a virgin SIM plan do you think they would switch me to one of these plans if I rang them? Or shall I just take it out as a new order? (edited)
    I've attempted to get uSwitch deals from them in the past but it was a no go so I doubt if you will be successful.
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    So you could cancel after 6 months?
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    Not showing the 50% discount for me, any ideas?
    It will if you click Grab this offer. (edited)
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    Heat added The one thing I don’t like about Virgin Mobile’s 30 day rolling contracts is that they are still hiking the prices from April which is quite unique (in a bad way) for monthly contracts.
    That's because they are a horrible company.
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    How is the coverage for virgin media in Glasgow? Anyone know or have any comparable cities?
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    Virgin mobile any good in London?
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    Do they offer eSIM ?
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    That's a lot of data
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    Anyone know if they offer Apple Watch option
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    Been with Virgin mobile for years… earlier in the year they moved me to O2 to try and give me a “free” broadband upgrade using volt…. No signal at all at work; so told them to cancel and put me back to the old vodafone line…. Virgin were great and sorted it… gave a new esim qr code.

    O2 on the otherhand had no record of me being setup, i was charged 2 months line rental within the month, which each time i spoke to them had no record of the previous call, after a month i got a refund less a few pound - which i couldnt be bothered to follow up.
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    If you have Quidco you can also get £16 cashback as it does not seem a MSM exclusive.
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    Thank you just ordered don't need 75gb but it's better to order this then cheaper 3 months free as you have to pat £42 over 6 months, after £22 cashback just £20 over 6 months, that's £3.33p month,
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    Can you get this deal on an esim
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    Apparently I get a better deal… paying more is better!
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    In Newcastle, tried on many places, with Three I constantly get between 800mbs and 1gig for download, 50mbs to 300mbs upload, at any time, including inside my house. With Virgin, at best, 50mbs download and 10mbs upload, worst is in my house, about 20mbs and upload almost dead.
    49410036-g5EKE.jpg (edited)
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    I find Virgin Mobile's internet really poor. No internet in Chinatown london indoor in a ground floor pub. Cant believe it!
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