Virgin Mobile data only 1GB PAYG monthly rolling contract £5 per month

Virgin Mobile data only 1GB PAYG monthly rolling contract £5 per month

Found 28th Sep 2010
This is ideal for people who need mainly internet rather than voice calls or texts. It bolts onto any Virgin PAYG tarriff (e.g. simply8p is 8p per minute) and costs £5 per month as a rolling contract.

It's the usual unlimited data package that turns out to be limited to 1GB per month.

Get Web Access For Only £5 a Month on Pay As You Go
Love to go online on your mobile a lot? It makes sense to get our Pay As You Go Mobile Internet Add-On. For just £5 a month it gives you unlimited Mobile Internet. And thats all day, every day, all month. Theres a fair use policy of 1GB a month.

To add it, just text BUY Data5 to 789789.
To cancel text CANCEL Data5 to 789789.

Get Web Access by the Day on Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go
If you want a cheeky look online when youre out and about, you can use our 30p a day rate for unlimited Mobile Internet, on both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go. You only pay on the days you access the Internet from your phone and you dont have to do anything to set it up, so go online today! A fair use policy of 25MB per day applies.

Download Tones, Games and More

While you're surfing the Mobile web, you can download 1000s of tones, music tracks and games too. Downloads cost extra. You can check out the costs here.

Music Tracks - £1.50
Videos - £1 - £1.50
Tones - £2.50 - £3.50
Pics/Animations - £2
Games - £1.50 - £5.00
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Could you cut this sim down and use it with an iPad?
Could you use the sim in a dongle?
T-mobile internet on Pay as you go: £5 per month or £20 for 6 months:

1 month Internet on you phone £5.00 Unlimited internet for 1 month Text MONTHWEB to 441
6 month Internet on you phone £20.00 Unlimited internet for 6 months Text 6MONTHWEB to 441…rs/
Virgin piggybacks the T-Mobile network
virgin matched the tesco deal when my mrs called up. She got 500 min unltd text and unltd internet for £9 a month. 12 month sim contact though, not 30 day rolling
Virgin deal allows full HSPA access, whereas T-Mobile add on on PAYG does not.

I think there is some sort of prioritisation of traffic, where Virgin is below Web n Walk Plus, but have still seen speeds of around 2Mbps down, 1Mbps up.
Three also has something similar:

SIM Only Internet
* 1 month contract
Plan detail
* 1GB internet
* FREE Skype-to-Skype calls
* FREE Windows Live Messenger (on most of our handsets)
* FREE voicemail…spx
25Mb a day and they will stick to that and charge you around £1 Mb over. No mercy with Virgin so for ipad you are better off with 10gb for £15 with three. Cold.
I would say giffgaff is better than this. It has unlimited internet until December, with a better fair use policy (100MB a day iirc) and after that a goodybag @£10 gives 150 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited web (iirc fair use policy still applies but it is still better than the fair use policy here).

The unlimited internet that ends in December, was supposed to have ended ages ago, but has been repeatedly extended so there is nothing to say that it won't be extended again.

EDIT: If anyone does decide to get a giffgaff sim then they should request a sim from somebody already on giffgaff as this will get the person sending the sim 500 payback points (500 payback point = £5.00) and the person receiving the sim £5.00 credit once activated.…fer
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I think Orange offer a £5 bolt-on also, so it looks like it's becoming the norm. Which is good, really.
Forgot to say T-mobile has full HSPA access and is unlimited internet, not limited to only 1GB
Orange do 250mb -30 bolt on for 5 pounds
Three do a 1gb fair use bolt on for 5 pounds
Vodafone do a 250mb bolt on for 7.50 pounds
These are all on payg.
Nationally,3 and Orange have best 3g Hsdpa coverage.
One word : giffgaff
Not a bad deal, but do you really want to do business with a bunch of crooks? Unlimited internet for 5 pounds a month, and then in the small print they charge extra? That's like Tesco selling strawberries for 50p a pound, and then adding a "strawberry surcharge" at the checkout.

As a rule, I don't work with criminals, and therefore this is COLD!

One word : giffgaff

How goood is giffgaff network coverage, speed?

How goood is giffgaff network coverage, speed?

Uses the O2 network, so same as that.
Are you allowed to tether with this?
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