Virgin Mobile free NOKIA 5800 £18 on 18 month

Virgin Mobile free NOKIA 5800 £18 on 18 month

Found 6th Aug 2009
As the title, it's back on until 10th August. Sorry couldn't find the old expired post.

Virgin £18 + Unlimited data gets you 150minutes and 500 txt
Virgin £18 gets you 250minutes and unlimited txts but no unlimited data (think it's 30p a day)

oh yeah, possible quidco of £30.

Is this phone any good? What's the camera like?


The phone is decent. The camera is not fantastic, but about as good as you need for nights out and the odd spontaneous photo-op.

I'd say the unlimited data deal is pretty nice. 500 texts should be more than sufficient for anyone other than the heaviest users.

Nice deal, might sigh up one.

Though what's virgin's fair use limit? 500mb/3gb/5gb?


7. Fair Usage: If your Contract Allowance provides unlimited data access … 7. Fair Usage: If your Contract Allowance provides unlimited data access within the UK this will be subject to a fair use limit of 3GB. If we think your use is excessive or that you are abusing the service we may ask you to moderate your usage and/or we reserve the right to charge you for the excessive element of your usage at the standard out of bundle data rate.

Pretty good imo.

The £22 unlimited txts and data looks a pretty good deal for heavy users.

This is a great deal that i got 3 months ago, i went for the 150 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited data for £18.00, my partner went for the 500 mins, unlimited text no data, great service, brill phones best touch screen i have had so far

Which magazine gave this phone a score of 80% in this months magazine and stated " This is the best phone overall that we have ever tested "

I bought mine when the offer was on last time and overall have been very pleased with it :thumbsup:

I went for the unlimited data package. It's a shame Quidco has dropped to £30. It was £52 a while back.

One thing Virgin don't advertise is that you can get unlimited Virgin to Virgin minutes free if you are a Virgin media customer. I rang the other day (just by coincidence) and they can change your tariff within the first 28 days.
Unlimited is actually 3000 minutes but that equates to around 5 days talk time at 24 hours per day...not likely. Both my wife and daughter are on Virgin mobile so I can now ring them for nothing and it doesn't affect my 150 mins either!

So, maybe ring to set this up rather than ordering quick though, they sold out fast last time.

was going to wait and see what 3 offered me after requesting my PAC code but i doubt they'll beat this offer, looks very good for the price

good phone by all accounts yep?

ill give it a couple more days see if 3 phone me before ordering this

is there any discount for virgin card holders? at times they run 25% off promos.

when trading old phones how does it work?

do you get the value of trade in in credit to use with Virgin or does it come off the price of your phone contract?

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Could someone please unexpire this, as Virgin have extended the offer until 31st August. Cheers.
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