Virgin Money 38 Months Free Balance Transfer (2.79% fee, min £3)

Virgin Money 38 Months Free Balance Transfer (2.79% fee, min £3)

Found 6th Jan 2016
For those who may have spent a fair bit on Christmas, or are looking to make large purchase, this credit card may work out cheaper than a loan (subject to credit checks etc). This isn't upto 3 months (think MBNA have one upto 39 months, and halifax have one which is upto 38 months) so you should get 38 months if you are accepted.

Over 3 years of borrowing at under 1% interest rate per annum makes it one of the cheapest ways of borrowing money. Two rules to be aware of:

1) It doesn't transfer cash into your account
2) Once you have transferred a balance, do not spend further as it will charge an incredibly high rate of interest (that's how they make money)

Think about if this is the right way to borrow for you - but it is an excellent offer in my eyes.
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2.79% is the balance transfer fee.
0% on any purchases in first 3 months.
0% on money transfers for 38 months but add 4% for this portion of your balance transfer, not 2.79

I've just done AA as I only have a small amount to move around. But savings are savings and this deal should beat most people existing account APRs.
HEAT. Anyone who overspent to a ridiculous amount at Christmas, I say tough.
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