Virgin Money e-ISA 2.15% AER Variable

Virgin Money e-ISA 2.15% AER Variable

Found 28th Apr 2013
Just looking at ISAs and found that the best one around is the Virgin Money e-ISA if you're looking for a VARIABLE rate as its 2.15% AER, most other variable ISAs are only around 0.5% so this seems to be a great deal to me!
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Can be beaten here;

fair enough, hope u liked my deal too though :P

Can be beaten here;

No it can't.

The NS&I one doesn't allow transfers in which makes it useless for most people who have built up an ISA reserve and are looking to move. There are some with higher rates which require you to have current accounts / credit cards with their banks like Santander and Nationwide however Virgin one is the best transfer in and flexible ISA I am currently aware of.

Can be beaten here;

That can be beaten here, and transfers in are allowed:…er/

There's a Nationwide one at 2.5% for current account holders as well, but again without transfers.

MoneySavingExpert has a good and regularly updated list of the best options.
Seen better. Sure u don't work for virgin op?
im sure lol :P my nearest Virgin Branch is around 2 hours away lol the other companies all seem to have introductory bonuses but the virgin one was the only one i could see which you can transfer in and has a high interest rate without needing a bonus
Good deal, previous poster was right, so many deals limited for those with existing ISA's who want to transfer in.
best medium term here. no accounts needed. 2.5 % 2 years fixed…htm
I signed up for the virgin money e-Isa few weeks ago, really quick and easy process, and all online. I first tried NatWest who messed up my application twice and required all sorts of id, their support was useless. I'd definately recommend virgin based on my experience
Of course the real problem with any of these variable rate ISA's is just that, they are variable, as soon as you load them, or transfer funds in, they are free to drop the rate as they see fit.
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