Virgin Sagem my220x + Sim Card  £9.99 @woolworths + Quidco

Virgin Sagem my220x + Sim Card £9.99 @woolworths + Quidco

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This Stylish Virgin Sagem MY220X is a great phone for first time users. It features an extra slim design and a 65K colour LCD screen.


Extra Slim design - 10 mm
65k colour LCD
Dual band GSM 900/1800 MHz
Voice with speaker phone
SMS with T9
Size:47 x 10 x 107mm


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whats the keyring thing do?

What is the feature:
"Voice with speaker phone"

Surely it's just a speakerphone and microphone?

Maybe I'm missing something here???

Goos price for an emergency phone tho imo.


cool - heard these are a pain to unlock, but smart little phone nonetheless.

I have one of these , their quite nice, been this price for ages, the little dongle is a sim copier,the charger is a bit fiddly. The gold one is more desirable if u can find it. Phones a bit basic but ok for texting and calls.

arent these the same price at asda???

Got one of these for a fiver from Asda a while back.

Nice phone - probably about 8mm thick. The battery lasts for ever, which is just as well as the tiny bit of trim on the outer silver band that needs to be removed to charge it, buts is so thin and breakable its an accident waiting to happen.

The display is weird, and does reveal the price of the phone when the small colourfil square lights up - when you look at it you can see the image and its negative by moving your head slightly. But it works OK, albiet looking like a 70s Top of the Pops image.

It has no keys. Smooth surface - so good for the beach or while working on cars as nothing can go inside and oil wipes off. Still easy to enter numbers though - and still has the stud on 5, but must make it a bummer for blind people to used as the other keys must be difficult to find.

Even though I paid a fiver - I'd say its still a good deal for a tenner as a holiday phone that feels solid and will take abuse as long as you are not charging it at the time.

Site says out of stock..!
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