Virgin sim-only *150 minutes 750 texts* - 6 month contract - £3.33 a month after Cashback + £7.50 Quidco!!

Virgin sim-only *150 minutes 750 texts* - 6 month contract - £3.33 a month after Cashback + £7.50 Quidco!!

Found 29th May 2008
Was looking through e2save and stumbled along this, seems a better deal then the free contract (after cashback) as you get another 250 texts for £3.33 a month and can rival the recent t-mobile sim-only deal in terms of what it offers for alot less!

Have to send off your 2nd, 4th and 6th bills but have 60 days to send each and e2save are generally found to be reliable due to being owned by the Carphone warhouse.

All in all, seems a bit of a bargain! Total contract price is a mere £20 Quidco knocks it down another £7.50 making it only £12.50!

Be warned - my family's recent experiences with these people have been appalling. Three out of four cashbacks were not paid without a lot of wasted time, plus threats of legal action, despite being sent separately Recorded Delivery and absolutely in accordance with the terms and conditions. Strangely (or maybe not so strangely) the Quidco payments rarely show up either, so you have to dispute those too to stand any chance of getting paid.

You may think Carphone Warehouse means you can trust them - don't believe a bit of it. OSPS (One Stop Phone Shop) now seem to be running a merged OSPS/e2save operation in the way that OSPS have always operated - need I say more?

What's even more surprising is that if you complain to CPW (even to the [email protected] address) they will now do nothing to help and just refer you back to e2save. The CPW shops also used to be prepared to help, but they've now been told not to. My local branch tells me thay get frequent complaints about e2save's failure to pay cashbacks, but have been told to do nothing about it - just tell the customer to contact e2save. Amusingly, they added that they hoped e2save would go under, because they were fed up trying to fend off all the complaints!
- Newbold


Can you use quidco with this deal? If so, that would be £30 profit (assuming its £50 cashback)...

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Quidco is £7.50 making it a total of £12.50…ve/
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