Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3 - Only £20 in Asda!

Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3 - Only £20 in Asda!

Found 29th Oct 2007
Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3

Usually £39.99 but for some reason all of them had red 'REDUCED' labels on them with £20.00 as the new price

Good luck peeps!



Voted hot. Nice deal. Any idea where abouts its been confirmed? Was gunna get it online today but might as well get it from Asda. I recently bought from them Killzone on PSP for £10. Asda seem to be doing good deals atm.

£44.97 at Asda Benton!

Just bought this for the same price online.

showing as 29.93 on, did you use a code jakenjo?

i think he means actually IN the Asda store, not online

No, she meant online, on another site. MX2 online.


No, she meant online, on another site. MX2 online.

on mx2 online it is £39.95 ??

Original Poster

If anybody still doesn't believe me, call Asda Chelmsford on 01245 466566. You might be able to buy it over the phone from them and have it posted to you....

Showing £29.93 online and my local ASDA store (Walsgrave, Coventry) has an awful entertainment section, I will check but I am willing to bet that this will not be priced at £20; I have found that any word of mouth offers at ASDA seem to be more localized than national (unless advertised)!

Good luck if anybody finds one!


ASDA reduce games on a store by store basis - they get a budget for reductions that are allocated on the basis of the manager's discretion. Ie they take 5 grand off the overall price of everything... so one store might have old xbox/ gba games on the cheap ("reduced" from their nominal RRP to a fiver) while others take a little (or in this case alot) off a next gen title.
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