Virtua Fighter 5 (ps3) £12.99

Virtua Fighter 5 (ps3) £12.99

Found 4th Apr 2008
For all you beat em up fans...

got a good review here 9.1 out of 10…tml


Great price, voted HOT!!!!

Shame that the web site is so damn sloooow!!!

Heat & Rep given

Cheers MKD, great find.

Is it just me, or is the site not responding?

Top Beat-em-up. Needs a Arcade Stick to fully enjoy it.

Great price.

no stock


No stock???

I've been trying to get on their site non stop with no success, and now there's no bloody stock!!!

Voted Sub Zero

heat, rep & thanks taken back... (only jokin )

shows in stock when I clicked on it

Availability: In Stock

Original Poster

lol says in stock for me when i click...

Don't expire. Still in stock.

just ordered and confirmation email and got 5% quidco back as well

nope. not in stock

all gone

Email cancelling my order. ******.

This game is rubbish, don;t waste your money.

mine has been cancelled/withdrawn on web but no email confirming this as yet

Good game. Cannot beat price i got it for though


For peeps with Xbox 360 as well as PS3 you're better off getting the 360 version as the PS3 lacks online multiplayer...

This game is excellent on the Xbox 360, its got great game play and you can play online against anyone in the world, you can NOT do this on the PS3 as SEGA like many others will not pay for their own servers as they have to do on the PS3, on the 360 this is all run through MS servers Hench the small Xbox live fee..
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