Virtua Tennis 4 - Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360) @ game collection £18.99 xbox £16.99 ps3

Virtua Tennis 4 - Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360) @ game collection £18.99 xbox £16.99 ps3

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As spring hits and tennis fever takes over the world, top tennis stars warm up and head for the courts to battle it out and be crowned No 1. Relive the tension and excitement with Virtua Tennis 4 by taking on the likes of tennis heroes; Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Porto and Caroline Wozniacki. Experience the same intense drama as you build up your Match Momentum gauge, and revel in your form as your player grows in confidence.

Virtua Tennis 4 takes the series to a higher level of realism with the PlayStation Move, MotionPlus and Kinect compatibility, pushing the tennis genre forward yet again. Exciting new features such as a refreshing World Tour experience means every decision you make both on and off the court, will affect your path. You'll never experience the same career twice!

seems a good enough game to play for wimbledon fortnight


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cex buy for £14 cash £18 trade

Good price for kind of new game.

Top Spin 4 or Virtua 4 which is the better game?

Does kinect work well on this game?


Good price for kind of new game.Top Spin 4 or Virtua 4 which is the … Good price for kind of new game.Top Spin 4 or Virtua 4 which is the better game?

that is the age old question same as what is better FIFA or PES.

FWIW my mate has VT4 and he says control wise it has gone back to its roots and is much simpler, like the original virtua tennis 1 on Dreamcast and Arcade.

I have VT 2009 and imo it is very poor, and is trying too hard to be a sim so i guess it depends what kind of tennis game you are after. I am picking up VT4 off my mate today.

Good Price.

If you like arcade based games then VT4 is the game for you. If you like simulation games more, Top Spin 4 is for you.

TS 4 is very accurate & quality on the PS3 move, IMO:) even though it does take a bit of getting used to
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Ive played both and top spin 4 is the only one that has depth after playing for an hour. Virtua tennis hasnt changed in 10 years and is a pretty version of pong.

Top Spin 4 is excellent. Want VT4 but will wait till its a little cheaper

Will you be able to choose where your character moves on the screen with a Kinect (i cant see how)? or is it simply stand and slog?

You can position your player, strangely enough you just move your body and need the max amount of space to be able to do it properly. Fair do's you can't run across court like you probably mean, but it sort of works...but takes getting used to.

It's a hell of a lot better than 2009, the career mode is awesome

Does VT4 or TS4 have multiplayer via offline split-screen mode? I know, the online multi-player works, but that's no good when have company.

Virtua Tennis 4 is awful. Its essentially a big screen version of World Tour that I played on my PSP many many years ago.

Havent played Top Spin 4, but even the videos look 10x better than VT4.
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just buy it for the move functionality, really is excellent picks up every gesture you can literally practice tennis.

Amazing stuff
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