Virtual Harry Potter Escape Room Free

Virtual Harry Potter Escape Room Free

Posted 1st Jun
It's a bit easy and not too long.....however, it's fun nonetheless.…orm

Try this virtual Harry Potter Escape Room – from your sofa!

We wish we could change the current situation with a flick of a wand (sadly we can't, we tried.) BUT thankfully this new Virtual Harry Potter Escape Room is keeping us pretty occupied in the meantime!

This totally free escape experience comes courtesy of Pennsylvania librarian Sydney Krawiec at Peters Township Public Library, and will only be available for a limited time.

You will recognise photos and clips from the movies presenting a string of puzzles that have to be solved, catapulting the user into the wizarding world of our favourite Harry Potter.

The escape experience takes about 10 minutes to play, and can be enjoyed solo or together with friends and family.

Try it and compare your results with your friends. We admittedly scratched our heads a few times.
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Anybody know any good longer virtual escape rooms?
craigjamieson8801/06/2020 17:23

Anybody know any good longer virtual escape rooms?

We've used with zoom screen share, it was good fun. A medium room took us 90 minutes and the hard room took us around 2 hours. Not free though.
The Insiders from Deadlocked Escape rooms offers a 3-episode play at home escape room for just £9.99
Took us (a family of 4) around 4 hours to complete (spread over 2 sittings)
V clever use of the concept including lots of interactive bits on the internet.
Fantastic value at around £2.50 an hour...

We've also done the 2 ClueQuest print at home Escape Rooms. V different. Involve 15 minutes of printing and cutting out before each one but closer to a conventional ClueQuest room once you get going. They took us around 90 mins each and are £12 (or free with the purchase fo a £50 voucher for use when they re-open).

Both the above options come highly recommended!
Took around 10 minutes to complete, you don't need any prior HP knowledge to play as it provides links to help you solve the puzzles at each stage. Very good, heat!
Really sorry I accidentally pressed expire rather than save for late
Was funny
craigjamieson8801/06/2020 17:23

Anybody know any good longer virtual escape rooms?

The Panic Room ( have some fantastic online/virtual escape rooms - they currently have 7 available, with a further 3 in progress.
You can buy single games or bundles, you can even "add-on" a bundle after you've played a single game.
The games range from £10 - £20…oms

They also provide Print-at-home games if you want something tangible, or they'll even print it and send it to you.

Highly recommended!…nd/…tml
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