Virtually Indestructible Aeroplane for £19.99!!

Virtually Indestructible Aeroplane for £19.99!!

Found 13th Dec 2006
This Virtually Indestructible Aeroplane is only £19.99 delivered from! Crash, bang, wallop and it still flies! The radio controlled plane that won't break on your first loop the loop! Looks pretty cool....

Specifications * This plane is great for learner-fliers * Its shape-memory plastic construction means that it can withstand the crashes and scrapes you are bound to give it as you master the art of controlled flight * Educational as well as fun
National Curriculum coverage - this product is suitable for exploring science at KS2 and KS3 of the National Curriculum. * Use it to discover more about Forces and Motion (physical processes)


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I can personnaly recommend this types of planes they are great, sold a number of the same style and are great flyers, field rechargable 2min charge gives about 10 minutes flight time.
If they have the B2 flat bomber style these make a more fun flight

How long do they stay in the air? Paper aeroplane length?

10 minutes or until you crash it :giggle:

Just bought one....God only knows why, but i have!!

Got mine for Xmas - anyone having any problems with theirs? - Mine doesnt seem to fly straight very well and the web site shown on the packaging isnt up and running?

Looks fun :santa: Sorry your having problems with yours Stan...
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